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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Self-Hating Jew #2

Sammy, of Yid with Lid, has opened nominations for the Second Annual Self-Hating Jews Contest.

I'm glad that I took my time, because if I had sent in a nomination when I first got his notice, I would have been too early for this one.

What can I say as an introduction, other than money speaks. Yes, when it comes to:

  • money

  • Jews

  • scandal

I'm sure that underneath the self-serving con man who swindled more billions of dollars than any of us imagine existed, is a self-hating Jew.

Yes! It's Bernie Madoff!


Shy Guy said...

I define a self-hating Jew as one who loathes his Judaism.

This does not define Madoff. Yes, he's full of self-loving greed but he has not been known to express a particular loathing for his ancestral origins.

Rather, it is Judaism which loathes a person such as Madoff.

May I suggest nominating someone like Avram Burg to the contest list?

muse said...

Good point. I don't know about Avrum Burg, since he loves himself so much... OK, he has admitted on Israeli TV (I heard him) that he doesn't believe in G-d. I don't see Burg as harming other Jews.

Madoff has harmed others. Besides stealing their money, he has given fuel to the anti-Semites. He's not stupid. He knew very well, that once it came out, it would be bad for the Jews in every way possible. That's why I consider him a self-hating Jew.

Shy Guy said...

Regarding Madoff, I believe he might halachically qualify as a "mumar l'tei'avon", a heretic for the sake of his materialistic appetite.

Back to the self-hating Jew list, if he's not been nominated yet, Daniel Barenboim.

There's also Talia Sasson.

There are oh so many!!!

muse said...

Well, shy guy, why don't you blog it?

Shy Guy said...

1) I don't have a blog.

2) I'd rather give out True Jew awards, though there may be much fewer recipients.

Batya said...

Write something up and I'll post it. Good idea!

Shy Guy said...

Burg & Co.

Batya said...

They both wear kippot, and they're both embarrassments. Burg does his his points, he hates something.