Monday, December 8, 2008

Trying To Make Sense Out Of Israeli Democracy

I've ranted about Israeli "democracy" before. The cynical descriptions of democracy as rule by idiots and the public getting the government they deserve are true, plus. IMRA has just posted some typically nonsensical polls in which the majority of Israelis understand that the Arabs aim to destroy us, but regardless they support a Pseudistinian State.

My Shomron neighbor, Esser Agaroth, has posted clear instructions on how to vote in the Likud Primaries. This new complicated primary system isn't for the dyslexic or Hebrew-challenged for sure. Out of a few hundred candidates, we have to pick name/numbers of 12, no more, no less as general candidates, 2, no more, no less as immigrants (those running as immigrants for the special slot--immigrants are allowed to run in all categories if they choose) and one local, depending upon where you live. That adds up to 15.

I wish I could ask each candidate a very simple question. It's possible that even most of those on Moshe Feiglin's list would fail it. All I want to know is if there are circumstances that they would give our Land to the Arabs.

That brings me back to the absurdity documented by IMRA.

Poll of Israelis:
63%:20%: The Palestinians would destroy Israel if could
58%:36% support establishment of Palestinian state

When people, masses of people, are able to so easily lie to themselves, how could they be trusted to make the wise decisions needed to rule or vote intelligently?

HaShem Y'shmor
May G-d Watch Over Us

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