Monday, December 29, 2008

Campaign War?!!!

Note from Netivot #2

I have read and heard negative remarks criticizing the present "political war." My response is that of a resident of the Western Negev and I feel differently than those in our country whose last 8 years have been free of rocketing. True, in Netivot until the past week we have had relatively few rockets. However, as a teacher at Ulplanat Tzvia Sedot Negev, my pupils (who are like daughters to me) have shared with me their pain, confusion, frustrations and fears for years! I lost a pupil to a Kassam-- Ella Abukasis, z'l, whose fourth"Yom Ha'Shana" is in a few weeks time.

I couldn't care less whether Olmert and his corrupt colleagues are acting in accordance with a private agenda. I also don't give a hoot if this is an electoral trick to get Kadima/ Likud/ Avoda votes.... as long as they let the IDF continue until a SATISFACTORY ending not dictated by "allies" abroad.The present situation is UNTENABLE and must cease!

I don't believe that folks from Netivot/ Sederot will be hoodwinked into changing their votes due to this campaign/war. In my end of the woods, everyone is ecstatic and willing to sleep in secure spaces for the duration. We all have many friends; pupils; family ; etc. living and or working in the most oft targeted areas. The lack of response before the present campaign has made our blood BOIL!

As I write this, another few BOOOOMS heralding rockets sounded here in town although there were no warning sirens. (We had one siren earlier, and the local geriatric hospital was spared by a few meters!)

I spent the morning phoning all of my pupils. One, a girl who came to our Ulpana to become more religious was almost hysterical! Her fourteen year old brother is so traumatized that he is unable to leave his bed or eat. He is vomiting none stop and their house is filled with medical and psychological staff attempting to deal with his situation. This, sadly, is NOT an isolated incident.

So, many may be cynical about what may be a last ditch effort to garner votes, but better late than never. We here pray to G-d that our chronically spineless leaders stay strongly enough focused (albeit for their private agendas-- who the heck cares?) to allow the IDF to see this through until the very end. Until normal life can be returned to our area.

Finally, as our Rabbis said, a mitzva done for an ulterior motive may change to be a mitzva le'shma-- a pure mitzva! May Hashem watch over our boys and lead them to victory!


Anonymous said...

isn't it weird that for once I actually feel admiration for Barak? My son-in-law is the Magad of the tanks going into Aza, he is in the front one in the news, (we know his number). He says Ehud Barak is an excellent ramat-kal.
Anyhow, we are with you all and I will daven for you and your neighbours tonight.
Love - Judy Freedman

Netivotgirl said...

Judy, you must be incredibly proud of your son!!! My goodness- a magad! He and our other dear boys are the true heroes in our country! May Hashem bring him home to you safe and sound at the war's conclusion.

As to your offer for prayers, we need all we can get! We've had several rockets today, although thankfully small ones unlike the Katyushot in bigger cities.

Hadassa DeYoung said...

I'm very worried about what will happen after the elections. The Israeli government will be falling all over itself to "make amends" for all of the actions made in Gaza now.
Who is going to refuse admitting American troops to Israel?
Ehud Barak ran away from Lebanon, how great a ramat-kal can he be?
Hadassa DeYoung, K'far Darom/Elon Moreh