Sunday, December 21, 2008

Not A Joking Matter

Someone sent me a cheerful little Youtube ditty, I'm Keeping Kosher for Christmas. It makes light of the children of intermarriage and the competition between Chanukah and Xmas.

It's funny but not. Even though it's cheery and humorous, it's sad, because there are lots of Jews who are caught between Judaism and the prevailing non-Jewish culture where they live.

I remember watching the Jewish TV show, "The Eternal Light," (I'm pretty sure it was that show,) soon after the Diary of Anne Frank was published. There was a skit, in which combined the Greek persecution of Jews with that of the Nazis. The characters discussed how much they would risk to keep the Jewish traditions and laws. One very proudly expounded on how he'd be willing to risk his life. The other one resonded:

"Now you do have the right to observe all of the Jewish Laws. Why don't you?"

That made a great impression on me and is one of those pivital moments that inspired me to be a Torah observant Jew and move to our Holy Land.

Chag Urim Same'ach

Have An Enlightened Chanukah Holiday

ps thanks Boris


Hadassa DeYoung said...

Did you notice the shape of the Hanukiah (Menorah, to everyone outside of Israel)? It matches a certain tree, and isn't kosher: the eight candles must be on the same level.
Don't think we're safe from these elements here in Israel. Certain area of Tel Aviv are filled with Xmas decoration shops and three years ago in Be'er Sheva we didn't take our kids with us shopping in the mall near the hotel because of the Xmas shop there. One of my fellow expellees from K'far Darom confronted the mall manager about it and his reply was that the store wasn't selling crosses so he didn't feel the need to ban it.
Looks like we have a bit more work to do to educate the Hellenists.
Hanuka Sameah! and may we merit having ALL of the events of Hanuka guide us.

Batya said...

hadassa, I noticed that it wasn't kosher, but I didn't make the connection you did. Yasher koach on that.

Hellenism is growing unfortunately. yes, we have work to do.

chag urim same'ach