Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Watch Out America

Hat tip Boker Tov Boulder

One of my post -Barack Obama predictions concerns the dangerous/exaggerated expectations of some of his supporters. The "changes" they want in American society are a lot deeper and more drastic than Obama can provide, whether or not he actually agrees with their agendas.

They're not the most patient or tolerant members of American society. I'd hate to be in America when they begin to demonstrate their disappointment.

Yes, I'm talking about American Moslems, and there are many more than most people want to admit.

Here's the Anti-Israel Pandemonium in Gaza City Fort Lauderdale FL USA.


Anonymous said...

A friend has told me that the vast majority of campaign promises have disappeared from Obama's website.

Ho hum...

I warned same friend that the first whiff of a mention of limiting civil liberties, he should get his family on the first plane to Israel.

YMedad said...

Did you hear the woman yelling "get a big oven!"? And they claim they're not antisemitic.

Batya said...

josh, that's interesting about Obama's website. His campaign was rather "unreal." Add all that to America's financial problems, and life won't be so pleasant.

thanks, Wink. It's sure some frightening video.