Tuesday, December 23, 2008

One of My "Dumb Questions"

Honestly, I have no problems with the quotations the BBC's Aleem Maqbool used in his blog entry from his visit to Shiloh. I think he was expecting to meet more of a silent house frau rather than me.

He and the photographer weren't too up on United States Presidential History and didn't get my references to Pat Nixon and Nancy Reagan, when they asked if they could interview me, too. They had planned on having my husband and I sitting side by side on the couch being interviewed together. I explained that "we don't do those types of interviews," neither do we agree on everything, and I'm neither the Pat Nixon type, nor an accomplished actress like Nancy Reagan. They shot me a blank look but agreed to my terms.

Since Maqbool's trek was for a Xmas program, he brought up the relationship between Christianity, Islam and Judaism. I kept stressing that Judaism has existed much, much longer than the other two religions. They must think of Judaism as an esteemed and respected great-great grandfather, not as an equal. I reminded him that in many western countries, it is common to "swear on the Bible." Do they swear on UN Resolutions or politicians' speeches?

So, if all those millions and tens of millions of people really believe and respect what's in the Bible, they must recognize that only Jews have a strong national and religious history in this region. The Jewish People had Shiloh as its capital for 369 years. It had/has no significance for any other nation nor religion.

For Christians and Muslims to demand our banishment from here, G-d forbid, it's like murdering your grandfather to get his rightful possessions.


Schvach said...

Actually, I think the problem for Christianity and Islam is that they trivialize Judaism; I think the adherents of those two other religions feel Judaism simply has no place and is not to be taken seriously; that we got our 'stuff' from them, that they are the teachers and sages, and that we Jews simply don't get it. Boy, are they wrong!

Batya said...

I think it's more serious than "trivialize Judaism." Those religions are based on the false premise that they're replacing Judaism. The strength of the Jewish People and our presence in the HolyLand terrify them. That's what they're fighting. Unfortunately, the Helenists among us cooperate with the enemy.

Keli Ata said...

I agree. It is more serious than trivialization of Judaism. The so-called Christian Zionists want a foot in the door so that they can turn Zion into a Christian nation.

Islam wants to obliterate Israel utterly. Christianity claims to love the Jewish people but I really think they "love" the Jewish people in the abstract as some ancient sandle wearing people they've seen in The Ten Commandments and other movies.

They do believe that they're replacing Judaism, which is the greatest dangerous. The threat of Islam is easy enough to recognize. They're out in the open with their hatred of Jews and Israel.

Evangelicals and their counterparts, liberal churches who push for a two-state solution in the name of peace and turning the other cheek are just as dangerous.

Crack pots like John Hagee are one end of the spectrum. The other end is churches such as the one in London that recently allowed a performance in their sanctury of The Twelve Days of Christmas featuring anti-Zionist lyrics.

Batya said...

Keli ata, you got it right. thanks for the comment.