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Sunday, December 7, 2008

HH #194-- Start the countdown now!

The 194th Havel Havelim
Now, That Sounds Impressive!

The 200th Havel Havelim is getting closer.

Start the countdown now!

Havel Havelim is the most veteran of the jblogger carnivals and probably one of the longest running blog carnivals there is. Blog carnivals are like "floating" internet magazines. They float from blog to blog, like "floating crap games," l'havdil.

Havel Havelim, the international jblog carnival, was established by Soccer Dad, and is now run by Jack. The term “Havel Havelim” is from Kohelet, Ecclesiastes, which was written by King Solomon, who built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and later on got all bogged down in materialism and other “excesses” and finally realized that it was nothing but norishkeit, “havel” or in English “vanities.” I think that King Solomon and his father King David were the original "bloggers." The books they wrote, when you take them chapter by chapter, can easily be described as blog posts. The stones they used to write on made them last, so that we can read them now. I doubt if today's technology will preserve our words for so long.

This is due out on
December 7th; . That's a date with bad vibes. In high school, I had a Social Studies Teacher named Robert Wagner. He used to say: "Think of me as the actor, not the mayor." Apropo to that, let's think of December 7th as in 1963, when videotaped instant replay was used for the first time, and not as in 1941, Pearl Harbour Day.

This has been quite a week. It's hard for many to think of peaceful, laid back
India as the focus of Muslim terror. Soccer Dad sent a post by Red Tulips on about spending last Shabbat at a Chabad House in Oxford, England.

Treppenwitz's A tale of two engineers is a gem, a must read.

I agree with
Soccer Dad that this picture says it all.

Lady-Light changed her blog plans and wrote
Thanksgiving, and Atrocities. You'll agree.

Michael Danby of Australia asks:
So Why Kill The Rabbi? A very good question indeed.

Bar Kochba contributes a lovely eulogy,
Let it Shine.

Ricki's mom criticizes the critcs in
What Beggers belief?!?

Aliyah 06 of Baka writes about
Mumbai. And Cosmic X does, too.

Secular Girl tells us why she
Observed Shabbat in honour of the victims in Mumbai.

Here is a
detailed analysis of Islam terrorism attacks on India by Dr. Richard Benkin.

Leora explains her feelings about the attack in

14 million people in Mumbai and they find the Chabad house Good point, Baila.

Seraphic Secrets posts the
story of a young woman who had been a frequent guest of the Holtzbergs.

Schvach wishes us a
Good Shabbat this week and writes about what happened in Mumbai.

Daled Amos writes that
Mumbai Massacre of Chabad House is A Continuing Chain. He also tell us that an Islamist Suicide Bomber is Buried--In Minnesota, unlike the difficult time the Mumbai Muslim cemetery is giving to requests to bury the terrorists there.

The Pillage Idiot is bothered by Aish's
Responding to Mumbai.

The Real Shliach provides
Guest thoughts about what happened in Mumbai.

Life of Ruben is
in Mourning. Hat tip on the video.

Joel Katz writes about Jerusalem's new
Chareidi-less Municipal Coalition and other important religious issues in Israel.

My Right Word shows two pictures of the
mountains near Shiloh taken about a hundred years apart.

Another "peace plan," this time by Likud wannabe MK, Yechiel Leiter.

The situation in Hebron probably isn't clear to most of you. For a comprehensive article about the subject, read what Arlene Kushner has to say.

Cosmic X expresses
his feelings about the government's expulsion of Jews from the Peace House in Hebron.

Moshe Burt says:
Peace House Eviction: “Shame on us, the Public, for Not Raising… to Prevent it.”

How can the kids learn respect when the government treats them as enemies?

Sammy Benoit gives lots of background about the Jewish History in Hebron in his post,
Hebron -Purchased Twice-Becomes Occupied Territory AGAIN.

I Dig Jerusalem" has a totally new meaning nowadays.

Here's a great post from Nadned about local democracy in Israel,
Live: Parlor Meeting with a Candidate for Head of Our Regional Council.

There's definitely a drought. Instead of green,
it's brown.

Daled Amos writes why
Israel must remain heroic.

Read about what
frightens Ya'aqov.

Yid with Lid reveals that Obama wants to appoint Daniel Kurzer as his special Mid-East advisor/troubleshooter.

Why don't the world's civil rights activists see the immorality of
"transfer" in Olmert's words?

Yid with Lid gives his take on the chances that
Olmert will sign a "peace treaty" before leaving office. And he also lets us know that Tony Blair's Message To Obama is--->Pressure Israel.

My husband posts his opinion about
what's happening in Hebron.

Ya'aqov reports on some of the
anti-Peace House expulsion demonstrations in the Shomron. Some pictures are here.

Read about
Parshat Toldot by Shorty.

NY's Funniest Rabbi also posts about

How conversant or knowledgable should
women be about Torah learning? Asks Israel Chronicles. One thing she has noticed living in Israel is the surprising Torah knowledge found in just "ordinary" people.

The Rebbetzin's Husband teaches about
Reward and Punishment as mentioned in Pirkei Avot

Ilana-Davita finds Toldot an
Emotion-Packed Parshah.

Lion of Zion reveals
his Leining Nightmares.

Schvach passes on a link for
Parshat V'Yetzei.

Rahel sent the Jewcy article about the twenty years of the women's prayer group, WOW, Women of the Wall.

The babysitter asks:
Does Halacha Change?

The Rebbetzin's Husband gives us good advice,
Choose a rabbi you can follow. And if I'm not mistaken, a rabbinic decision is also supposed to suit the abilities of the "asker."

On the Fringe writes of a very
dangerous situation in a shul, where women were locked in so they wouldn't leave early. I've never heard anything like this. A few years ago, I was upset to read Rosh Hashannah instructions that said that the women should make sure they finish all the preparations before their husbands return to shul. This is the opposite attitude. I don't like either.

Simply Jews challenges us to
name a country where an act of Muslim terror has occurred which hasn’t somehow tied in with Jews and Israel.

Schvach tells us about an unpleasant
experience with antisemitism.

Seraphic Secret is fed up with the euphemisms for "
Terrorists." Call a "spade a spade," or as I like to say: "A rose by any other name still has thorns."

Learn about the
History of Jews in France from Ilana-Davita, in two parts.

Atlas shruggs reports
Jew Hatred in Norway.

If you think shul politics is bad today, read Ari's report of
Rosh Hashannah violence in Albany over 150 years ago.

My Shtub loves
ribbons and plans ribbon bookmarks for sforim.

Hubscubs tells us the connection between
turkey and Thanksgiving.

For something very pretty, look at Carol Feldman's
Flowers on Balfour and her gorgeous sketch of Savta Dotty.

Contrary to what some people think, there's a great variety of "off-beat," "underground" cultural activities in Jerusalem. Read about it on

Yechezkel posts about
Preview to Book II - The Biblical Psychotherapist.

Jerusalemite's Ahuva presents
A conversation with Rebel Sun, Coolooloosh frontman - Jerusalem Metro Blog - Jerusalemite.net.

Last week's host, Benji Lovit discovers some surprising
cultural differences between Israel and his "old country."

Read about
The Jewish Writing Project on West Bank Mama. It seems perfect for us jbloggers.

"I Never Thought…" by Ricki's Mom. HaMakom y'Nachem…

In the Pink wonders on
which number date is the time to reveal and compare "baggage."

A Soldier's Mother reflects on the
advantages of having the enemy nearby.

Wheels turn and mothers worry. Doesn't it go with the territory?

For something a little different, try
Mottel's Thoughts in Threes.

Hesh, of Frum Satire fame, has some great
kosher game ideas. Single female jbloggers, if you're interested in catching Hesh, don't wear black!

Soccer Dad sent the following question: How do you say "your maximum leader has no chin" in Arabic?" He said that it should be in the "Israel" category, but I'm putting it here. What do you think? Who's right? (I think that the word should be "supreme," not "maximum.")

Jacob da Jew put this in the Humor category, but there are some very serious points in this post about
singles becoming marrieds. IMHO, in many cases, couples never would have stood under the chupah together if the female hadn't taken the initiative.

Benji, I know you catagorized this as "Israel," but I'm putting it in "Humor." I hope you don't mind. Actually
his post is a combination of "computer tech," not one of the HH catagories, and PR, also not a category. Read the comments, too, please.

Maybe there should be a category, is there?, about olim chadashim, because that's where
Benji's attempt at humor in Hebrew should be.

Jack, who runs HH, asks a very important question:
"What Is The Most Challenging Aspect of Blogging?"

Conversations in Klal brings up a very important point during marriage preparation:
Heading off Trouble Before It Starts, because It Really All Adds Up.

And more about marriage, Frum House writes about
Shidduch Dating the Second Time Around. The post has some extremely important points.

Refuah Shleimah to Toby, who got out of the sick bed to post
Nice to know it's an international thing.
Keli Ata wonders about

Hesh, of Frum Satire, just discovered that
his youtube account has vanished. It's not funny.

Old friends don't just party;
they honor the dead.

Mazal Tov to Isramom!

Look at this
interesting juxtaposition Fred posted.

My husband gives an example
how not to deal with the press. Frequently, the less said, the better. And here he posts an article from the LA Times.

Mrs. S. sees the Israeli birthing experience as a
Return to 34th and Lex. Since I had my first kids in Israel, I've always considered the Israeli way the normal way, but over the years things have changed here. ps I didn't realize that you, too, were a Stern Girl.

Since we're in the Jewish Month of Kislev, you can get ready for Chanukah with this funky rendition of "Dreidel."

And if you don't find that enjoyable, how about Don McClean's Dreidel Song. Hat tip
Ben Bresky.

If you think that I left your post out, please let me know, so I can add it. And if you caught some typos, please let me know. Remember that the deadline was Friday, so if you sent it late, it may have gone to the next host.

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Shavua Tov U'Mevorach
May You Have A Good and Blessed Week!
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