Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Hope! G-d Willing

The latest election news from the Jewish Land of Israel Loyalists, is that the Moledet faction of the National Union realized that the National Religious Party is the National Religious Party, aka Mafdal, aka Mizrachi, no matter what new name its leaders invent. The Jewish Home is just another alumni association for Bnai Akiva graduates.

The news is that Moledet is joining MK Dr. Arieh Eldad's Hativah Party. I hope it's true, and even more I hope that they will also join up with Baruch Merzel's Our Land of Israel Party.

High-ranking Moledet officials said there exists a significant possibility that the Moledet-HaTikvah list will join up with the Our Land of Israel party, headed by Baruch Marzel of the Jewish Front and Rabbi Dov Wolpe. Many pro-Land of Israel supporters who were disappointed by the center-tilt of the Jewish Home, are hoping for this four-way merger, to prevent fragmentation of the pro-Land of Israel vote.

That will give me a party, not only to vote for, but work for, if they're interested.


Anonymous said...

And then you will watch your united party sit on the sidelines, screaming at the coalition, who couldn't give a damn.

Myriads of wasted votes. At least you'll feel better.

Batya said...

Look Shy, Disengagement was brought to us by Likud, and the Likud also destroyed Yamit and the other Jewish communities in the Sinai. Likud's Meridor is promising to negotiate with Syria, and it's not for tourist visas.

I'd rather a strong active patriotic Right in the opposition than supporting Bibi's left wing policies.