Friday, December 5, 2008

Full Civil Rights For Jews, Not Here, Not Yet

That's just a taste, a bitter taste of what happened in Hebron yesterday, when the Israeli Government sent riot police and soldiers to drag out loyal, patriotic Jews from Beit HaShalom, The Peace House. The building was bought by Jews from an Arab, but the Israeli Government refuses to recognize the purchase, because it doesn't want to strengthen the Jewish hold on Hebron.

Thousands of years ago, ever since our forefather, Abraham, bought a plot of land to bury his wife, Sarah, there has been a Jewish presence in Hebron. Less than a hundred years ago, thousands of Jews lived in Jewish-owned homes in Hebron, and there were many yeshivot there.

In 1970, we toured around with the late Chaim Mageni, and we saw small niches in the doorposts of many, many buildings. These niches were for the mezuzot; Jews had lived there before the Arab riots.

You can find more videos and photos on David Wilder's blog.

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