Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The "Real Likud"

Tzahi Hanegbi, a senior Kadima legislator and campaign strategist, said the "real Likud" had emerged from the party election. (article)

Actually, Tzachi's right. The real potential voters for Likud are from the Right, the religiously traditional, those who are fed up with "good will gestures" to our enemies, those who believe that Eretz Yisrael, The Land of Israel, must be for Am Yisrael, the People of Israel--Jews.

The post-primaries spin is interesting. While the Left is painting the Likud "extreme right," hoping to scare away potential voters, I was totally disgusted listening to Moshe Arens on IBA TV News (I wonder if there's a way of getting links to specific broadcasts) claiming that none of the Feiglin people made it into realist spots. He's distinguishing between official Moshe Feiglin supporters who joined the party after and because of Feiglin, and Likud members who opposed Disengagement and promote Jewish settlement in the Land of Israel and other policies which Feiglin supports.

I'm disappointed that a man with such vast knowledge of world history, like Binyamin "Bibi" Netanyahu, refuses to recognize that great leaders are never from the nebulous center, they always have strong opinions, either to the right or the left.

Returning to my "bagel analogy," that Bibi is after the empty hole in the bagel. Take a good look at a bagel and its hole. It's like a trap. You're surrounded by smooth walls on all sides. You're restricted. If you're in the center you really can't take stands, because you can't please everyone, so you end up antagonizing everyone. Sorry, Bibi, that's not leadership.

It doesn't matter how many people I like and respect and agree with are on the Likud list, I can't vote for it because of you, Bibi. Ya'aqov and I are among the many Israelis searching for a true leader for our country, not somebody "nilkad," trapped by that "parve" "center" label. Parve may be great in the kosher kitchen, but it's traif in politics.


Jacob Da Jew said...

Tzachi is a piece of drek. Hopefully he will stay away from the Likud. Only in Israel will a minister who perpetually is indicted for fraud continue to serve.

Batya said...

Yes, it breaks my heart about Tzachi, such wonderful parents.

Considering Olmert, he's a saint, almost.

Anonymous said...

Think for a second. Tzachi HaNegbi, a two bit corrupt crumb who left the Likud, is telling you that Netanyahu is the "real Likud".

All of a sudden you trust HaNegbi? Think, people, think. Hakol Hafuch.

Batya said...

shy guy, you misread it completely. He's saying:

"Netanyahu's dream team became his nightmare. The stars are
out and the rebels are in
," Hanegbi said, referring to Kachlon and others who fought against then-Likud chief Ariel Sharon surrounding the 2005 disengagement from Gaza.

The "real Likud" prefers Benny Begin and Feiglin, not Bibi and Meridor.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fix, Batya. I was in a rush this morning. Now sitting in the Facing Jihad conference in Jerusalem. You wouldn't by change be here yourself, would you?

Is Israel your husband? The guy in the darl blue shirt sitting in front of me?

Batya said...

shy, no I wasn't there. I had errands in Jerusalem. My husband could be there. I'm not sure.
Tell me about it.