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Monday, November 28, 2016

GUEST POST: Joshua chapter 13 verse 1

Joshua, chapter 13, verse 1 in Our Times
(a GUEST POST by Mr. Cohen)

In the Biblical Book of Joshua (chapter 13, verse 1) GYD
rebuked the prophet Joshua for failing to conquer the entire
Land of Israel for the nation of Israel. 

In the next five (5) verses, GYD tells Joshua exactly which
pieces of land remain to be conquered.

Every word and every sentence of the Biblical Book of Joshua
has been part of the Jewish faith for 33 centuries, and will
continue to be a permanent part of the Jewish faith forever.

The Babylonian Talmud, tractate Megillah, page 14A,
explains that ONLY prophecies that were needed for future
generations were recorded in the Bible. Since Joshua chapter 13
was recorded in the Bible, ALL generations of Jews must learn from it.

Furthermore, the Biblical Book of Ezekiel (chapters 44 to 46,
with classic Jewish commentaries) teaches that the messiah
will increase the size of the land of Israel by conquering more lands.

Ancient Rabbis taught that in the era of the messiah,
the land of Israel will include both sides of the Jordan River.
This is not something that we must do in our times,
but it will eventually happen in the era of the messiah.

The concept of giving away the land-of-Israel in exchange for peace
with Gentiles is NEVER mentioned in:
the Bible, the Jerusalem Talmud, Babylonian Talmud, the writings
of Maimonides, the Code of Jewish Law and its commentaries, or
any ancient Jewish book, because it is a gross violation of the Jewish faith.
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500 American Indian nations gave away their land in exchange for peace. 
500 American Indian nations and their languages are long-extinct

Great Britain gave Adolph Hitler land (Austria) in exchange for peace. 
WWII and the Holocaust
If giving away land in exchange for peace is such a great idea,
then why don't the Arabs nations give away THEIR lands for peace?

Considering that the Arabs have more than 300 times more land
than Israel, they certainly have more to work with.
If creating a Palestinian State  is such a great idea, then why don't
the Arabs nations give away THEIR lands to create a Palestinian State
in Iraq or Saudi Arabia or Libya or Algeria?
Considering that the Arabs have more than 300 times more land
than Israel, they certainly have more to work with.
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Anonymous said...

Could there possibly be a greater sin and insult to H', the Creator of the Universe, our Father in Heaven, who gave to us the Jewish people, the Land of Israel, then for us to even contemplate giving away a grain of sand to other people, let alone our enemies who wish to destroy us. Even discussing the matter is a gigantic aveirah! Our sages tell us that it was discussed whether king Ahab would have any portion in the World to Come because of his many grave sins. He was wicked and married a wicked non-Jew, Izevel (Jezebel), but he enlarged the Land of Israel and because of that mitzvah, he might be worthy of having a portion in Olam Habah.