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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Reflections on Elections 2016

So, sue me. I just can't be quiet about the American Elections. Looking at this map, I finally understand the importance of the Electoral College. 

Yahoo News

I'm big on color-coding things, which is one of the reasons that this graphic is so helpful for me.

At this point, it seems that various news sites are still giving conflicting numbers concerning the popular vote, re:Trump vs Hillary. But when you look at this map, and you see the paltry amount of states that gave Hillary Clinton the majority or plurality of its votes, Trump's victory is much more convincing.

That swath of red which goes almost from coast to coast, certainly from north to south and demonstrates a very convincing show of support among the vast majority of states for Donald Trump.

If you go through the numbers state by state, you will see that many of Hillary's big popular vote victories/majorities were in the bigger states which gave her a "surplus" of popular votes which cannot be transferred to a different state.

Also in the states that had a close popular vote between Hillary and Trump, the win for Trump came from the fact that there were many who voted for one of the "third parties," a party that had no chance of winning. They could also be called the "spoiler" or "distorter" parties.

For decades, "middle America," or "the silent majority" have claimed to be disenfranchised by the mainstream media and also the party establishments of both Democrats and Republicans. Ronnie Reagan and Donald Trump both gave that segment of American society the feeling that somebody understood their concerns.

And in general, when you think of the very low voter turnout in the United States, it seems pretty obvious that people prefer complaining (and rioting possibly) to actual voting.

Also, don't forget that there's a shadow or illegal society living in America who have been there illegally, without papers/citizenship procedures sometimes for decades. Children born to them in the USA are citizens which create a very Kafkaesque situation. It's sad, but it's complicated and the media has been highlighting stories about them, as if they are innocent victims of American injustice, even though technically they are criminals. Before legalizing the illegals, I think the American Government should speed up citizenship procedures for those who have been so carefully following the rules and not reward those who haven't.

The pundits have been showing surprise at the higher than predicted Latino/minority/immigrant support for Trump. Those pundits were not listening; they were projecting according to racist ideology and totally misread the situation. The Latino/minority/immigrant sector working at precarious minimum wage jobs live in fear of losing their income to illegals who will work under the table for less. Also they feel like "suckers" having gone through the difficult bureaucracy to become citizens, when Obama/Hillary have been campaigning to make it easier for illegals.

I'm sure that the Clinton team is having major problems trying to figure out why, even after bringing in the most popular cinema and sports celebrities to campaign for her, she still lost. This is just proof of how totally ignorant that segment of American society is of the "other half."

On BBC I saw a graphic showing the difference in media support for Hillary vs Trump. She had this enormously high pile of newspapers that publicly supported her versus a very low pathetic looking pile for him. But he won. Most voting Americans don't give hoot about what the media thinks.

Way back when in the mid-1960's when I was active nationally in NCSY, the youth organization of the Orthodox (Jewish) Union people would try to tell me how New York is not like the rest of the United States. Looking at that colored map on the top of this post, I'm beginning to understand them more and more.

The United States is not united, not at all. There are dangerous divisions, no less than there were in 1860 as the pro-slave-owning south split/seceded from the union. Americans have a lot of thinking to do if they want to remain a united states in North America.

PS I haven't yet found the final count numbers of the popular vote which includes all the write-ins and "third party" numbers. I want to see if the total of write-ins and "third party" votes top the difference between Hillary and Trump. If you find it, please send to comments, thanks.


Shiloh said...

I heard it was around 600,000 more votes. The public had a petition to have the states change the vote to Killary. This morning it was about 2 million signatures, probably more now. But notice killary is not asking about it like Al Gore did years ago. Why, because the voter fraud is extensive and she has enough to be pardoned by Obama already. Exit polls show Trump had up to 65% of the votes, the elite just did not figure that it would be a blow out like it was in actuality. So many kept silent about voting because of the media bias. But don't be so happy just yet, I read this morning that Trump is pushing for the "2 state solution" and he has made disturbing comments about Catholicism in its defense. He might be a tool of the Vatican and we all know how much the Vatican wants Jerusalem as its international capital. Obama also harped on Trump about the "piece" process and Trump thinks he can solve it. Forget about the nonsensical gematria of Trump and MBD, everyone knows its not him but maybe the one who comes after us, though opinions state its Putin. Going to be interesting very soon.

Batya Medad said...

How many votes to the "3rd" parties and write-ins?
Right now he has too much to deal with to do us any damage. He also has some establishment people yapping the usual ways.

Anonymous said...

That's why it's so hard to understand the naivete of the public who believe that once the pres.-elect gets in office, he will be able to actually enact what he promises.
By now, most should understand that they, too, get their orders and dare not go against them. It's been that way for the last hundred years, but never was there such a globally dangerous time. We, Jews, know that lev melachim v'sarim b'yad H', and, since we have arrived at this climactic time in history, hopefully, it will usher us into the Geulah Shleimah, b'rachamim.

Batya Medad said...

The riots are due to the hate mongering of Obama and Hillary, who have done nothing to stop it.

Shiloh said...

I have read that Soros is actually behind them. Yes, the silence is crazy, even Bernie said to knock them off to laughter.

Batya Medad said...


Batya Medad said...