Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Democracy 101, Losing Must be Accepted

The continuing antidemocratic, and yes immoral and fascist-style, "not my president" protests in the United States are terribly worrying.
Protesters demonstrate against the election of Republican Donald Trump as President of the United States in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. November 14, 2016. REUTERS/Mark Makela
Demonstrations protesting the U.S. presidential election victory of Republican Donald Trump entered their second week on Monday, with thousands of students chanting phrases like "Not My President" after walking out of classes across the country...
...The Los Angeles Unified School District estimated that 4,000 students walked out of classes across the city in protest of the president-elect, who campaigned on deporting undocumented immigrants and building a wall between the United States and Mexico. Officials with Seattle Public Schools said about 5,000 students walked out of 20 high schools and middle schools on Monday. That figure represented about 10 percent of the district's student body, according to schools spokesman Luke Duecy. (Reuters)
I am even more concerned by the fact that I haven't heard any strong condemnations of the riots and demonstrations by Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama. Their silence is damning and shows that they are complicit. They should be calling on those unhappy and horrified with the election of Donald Trump to take a strong sedative/sleeping pill, get a good night's sleep and then begin recruiting for the 2020 Presidential Elections.

Even Oprah Winfrey was condemned for telling people to " take a deep breath." She should be praised.

During the 2016 pre-election Democrat Party primaries, I was very surprised by the total dearth of opposition to Hillary, other than the extreme Leftist and relatively elderly Bernie Sanders. Now is the time to start recruiting and grooming and competing between potential presidential candidates among mainstream Democrats. IMHO, the more violent and extensive the protests get, the more ordinary American citizens and voters will be attracted to the Republican Party. I wrote about how Hillary's "deplorable" comments would boomerang against her, and I was right. I am correct here, too.

Yes, losing can hurt, but it's part of life. People lose, die, get sick, fail etc. If Americans want their country to thrive in the 21st Century, it must mature and accept. And if the Democratic Party wants to return to power, don't forget that it not only lost the Presidency, it also lost congress, it must speak kindly to all American citizens, show acceptance and true democratic values.


Rickismom said...

1)Not all of the protesters are contesting the election, but making the point that they will not let certain policies be "OK".

2) Obviously any violent/ illegal protest is to be condemned.

3) Obviously harassing of the Trumps ("rape Melenia" and such) is wrong and should be condemned.

I would be interested in your take now on Trump appointing an antisemite and white supremacist as his chief adviser. Does that not worry you?

And what of him wanting high security clerance for his children? Don't you think that government possitions should be held by people with more experience?

Anonymous said...

More qualified than any of those in office right now.
What qualifies Chelsea Clinton to merit National Security Clearance?
What qualified Slick Willies aide ehen she was only 19 years old?
What qualifies Huma Abedin with NSC having verified links to terrorism?
Can you answer these questions?
The Trump children are better prepared at the job
They know how to keep corporate secrecy
Something that Hillary and her oral diarrhea cannot do!

Sharbano said...

You are right again.

There's an interesting history lesson here. I've noticed a good many of those taking to the streets and claiming to be fearful are about the same age. If one looks at the education trends when those kids began school you'll find they had started reinforcing a feel good about yourself no matter the consequences. Sports teams weren't allowed to "win' because it would make the other team "feel bad". It was so ludicrous that even correcting mistakes in schoolwork was prohibited and considered best for the child. It became so bad that a few students considered filing lawsuits against the school systems as a result.

If one looks at that context to examine behaviors of people there is certainly a trend line. We see it recently with all the college campuses trying to control micro-aggressions. Unfortunately many in these younger generations are simply and literally "unable" to cope with the real world. I suggest it is why many forms of technology are so prevalent to the point of addition.

Sharbano said...

As far as the anti-semite and security clearance comments. Those stories are nothing but fabrications perpetrated by people who are nothing less than unhinged. I just wonder when people will ACTUALLY learn. In virtually Every election we hear charges of racism. They will NEVER actually give specifics, because there is never any, buy ONLY lay the charge. Hillary had to go to the extreme with the basket of deplorables because isolated charges weren't working. People should learn from the cry of the wolf.

Batya said...

RM, seems like other commenters have answered. There's lots of false "news" coming from all directions.
Give Trump some time. At least he isn't controlled by some dangerous element.

Anonymous said...

All projection - all the things the left spews on the right and those who stand up for right against wrong are really talking about themselves. They are the racists, bigots, intolerants and they are the only ones who act out through violence. They project on others what they themselves are. Why doesn't anyone ever bring that up - history recent and ancient prove it.

Anonymous said...

correction: above comment should read 'stand up for 'wrong' against 'right'.

Batya said...