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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Who Said That Trump's Not a Politician?

There's a very important characteristic in politicians. They can act charming and friendly even with people who have maligned and insulted them, people they really can't stand with good reason. To be a good/professional/successful politician one must be able to swallow ego and pride at times.

Donald Trump and Barack Hussein Obama
When the Obamas had to host the Trumps, it certainly was difficult for all of them. The Obamas had both campaigned for Hillary by so seriously maligning Donald Trump that they definitely skirted or crossed legal barriers in the nasty things they said about him. But they did the proper thing, and Trump said all of the nice words, as if the negative malicious campaigning had never happened.

Donald Trump and his team have also been in touch with many powerful establishment Republicans, even though they did their best to sabotage his campaign for the Presidency. And, no doubt, quite a few powerful positions will go to them.

Trump and Romney meet
Donald Trump could never have built some of his massive projects, for example all of the changes to the West Side of Manhattan that had to be done for Riverside Blvd and the buildings there, if he wasn't a "politician."

To be a successful politician, one must be a pragmatist and be willing to work with everyone to achieve your goal.


Shiloh said...

He obviously will have to incorporate some that went against him even. I heard from Roger Stone today that Trump will not allow the neocons in though. He plays politician but so far he demands they follow his program. Kol hakavod. Again my only concern is he believe in the 2 state solution and said he will make an offer of a deal. If we annex the land, I don't think he will support it, but who cares, we have the backing of God, right?

Shilloh said...

Just as I suspected, we are in for a ride. Should we annex with lame duck leaving office or wait until this guy shoves a two state solution down our throats?


Batya Medad said...

POTUS is not supposed to be ruling here. We must make it clear!

Shiloh said...

I agree and name me one in the current gov't that would actually do just that. I won't hold my breath.

Batya Medad said...

just keep plugging