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Monday, November 14, 2016

Build Amona and Muffle the Muezzins

Israeli cabinet ministers and lawmakers have been busy, and two superficially diverse issues have been in the news.

One is a law to muffle/quiet/turn-off the muezzins, the loudspeakers that call Muslims to prayer five times in a 24 hour day, including the middle of the night. These "alarms" are not just in Arab Muslim, villages, cities and neighborhoods to be heard by Muslims, but with modern technology they are heard very loudly for miles around. There isn't apartheid in Israel, so mosques can be right near Jewish neighborhoods. And even when there are distances of a few miles, the Muslim call to prayer disturbs the sleep and work of millions of non-Muslims. Since there are already laws forbidding noises over a certain volume, now the ministers want that to include the muezzins. One of the solutions for Muslims I heard on a news show would be cellphone applications, just like observant Jews use to remind us to "Count the Omer." The Arab MK Tibi admitted that the noisy muezzins are to remind the Zionists that this is a Muslim moledet, homeland and not a Jewish one.

Mateh Binyamin

The other issue, a lot more complicated concerns the proposed law that would legalize Amona and other Jewish communities, homes etc. Here there is a rebellion of sorts within the government coalition. Ministers from Jewish Home (formerly called NRP) and Likud favor the law, while Prime Minister Netanyahu is trying to delay it. Supporters of the law insist that delaying it would be counterproductive since the Supreme Court wants nine homes on Amona to be demolished by December 25.

This two disparate laws are very connected. They both concern the Jewish-Israeli sovereignty over the Land of Israel. Whose Land is this? The entire Zionist Movement, started davka by mostly secular Jews recognized the historic and religious connection and sovereignty of Jews over the Land. Today, over a century later, almost seventy years after the establishment of the State of Israel, that clarity in thought, action and ideology is not in fashion. Some of us don't care about fashion nor the will and whim of foreigners.

The State of Israel must rapidly pass these laws and make it clear to Israelis, Jews, Muslims and Christians, that this is our Land, a Jewish Land and we don't care what they or the world thinks or says!


Neshama said...

The “Court” has denied an extension for Amona.
What has happened in America, the revolution, needs to happen here in Israel. The lefties must be stopped from wreaking havoc on Israelis and Eretz Yisrael. And now that they’ve gone over to Sundays Off, this will surely create a breakdown in the families and in the society in general. I believe chaos will prevail.

Batya Medad said...

Sundays would kill economy.

Shiloh said...

How would this cause the breakdown of families and society in general? I would love to have a day off that I can travel, do family things outside the religious hinderance. I can see more of Batya's reasoning.

Batya Medad said...

I think giving Rosh Chodesh as a day off, once every month or two would be better. But to be honest, it will end up a nightmare for some workers, like those in stores. Who will mind the kids? Not everyone will have a day off.

sheldan said...

I think MK Tibi's comment says it all. That is all the more reason to enforce the law and let the Arabs complain about it...

Batya Medad said...