Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Guest Post: From Democrat to Conservative

guest post by Mr. Cohen:

From Democrat to Conservative

Because I am an Orthodox Jew, I quit the Democratic Party,
which is responsible for recent laws that “permit” the
unforgivable abomination of so-called “gay marriage”.

Because I am an Orthodox Jew, I joined the Conservative Party
which is the ONLY American political party that is totally
opposed to the inexcusable abomination of “gay marriage”.

I consider this switch to be an act of teshuvah,
and I expect to be rewarded for making this switch
when I [hopefully] reach Olam HaBa.

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Anonymous said...

To be truly Orthodox means being conservative. The right represents the G-Dly way, whereas left represents going against G-D's way. Being a G-D fearing Jew or, in general, any person who fears the Creator knows that life is not random or hefker and we live by a set of rules that G-D commands of humanity. HE allows people to make the choices but at a certain point will always make sure it goes back on its right path; otherwise, the world cannot exist. Only those who think they can fight the Almighty have the audacity to believe that 'anything' goes and that they will actually get away with it. The world and everyone and everything in it is in G-D's Control.

Batya said...

You were rewarded with Trump.