Saturday, November 26, 2016

The "Aishtafada" Arab Arson Terror Continues

As further proof that the Arabs hate this Land and are only demanding a state to kick out Jews and form another judenrein apartheid state, they've been intentionally burning up Jewish communities all over Israel.

The Arab terrorists are getting bolder and bolder, which is making it easier to catch them in the act, but the only thing that can stop the fires would be rain, lots of rain. And only Gd can give us that.

before and after


Arutz 7

This is all so horrible. I've been looking at the weather forecast. Just after Shabbat it showed no sign of rain until maybe Wednesday night. Now there may be a drizzle on Tuesday. Here in the Holy Land, rain is controlled by Gd to reward and/or punish us. May we merit rain and as soon as possible, Gd willing.

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