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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Fire on My Mind

The aishtafada has wiped out, or burnt up, the rest of my thoughts right now. Imagine a family relaxing on Shabbat, removed from all the weekday concerns, television off, cellphone off and suddenly they are roused from their relaxation, sleep, peaceful pursuits and told to grab themselves and flee their homes. Yes, on Shabbat, when they are only permitted to travel to save their lives.

Yes, this was to save their lives! They had to leave their homes, the entire community!! The Arab terrorists who value neither life, Land or property lit fires around Neve Tzuf, a Jewish town southwest of Shiloh.

The neighborhood is gone, burnt by Arab terrorists!!

Eighteen of those families now have absolutely no home. Their homes were burnt to a crisp and can't be repaired. Their possessions are gone, history. They were hosted by neighboring communities, including an impromptu Bar Mitzvah, which obviously could not take place where planned.

Many groups are doing fundraising for them do doubt. Click here for one of them.

Last night I turned on Israeli TV stations to try to get more information about the fire, news, aishtafada, but they all had their scheduled shows on. When the fires had been burning in the Haifa area, there were special broadcasts, but when there were Jewish communities in Samaria/Binyamin burning, nothing. There's more news on Facebook than anyplace else, though some is fake. But there are plenty of lies in The New York Times, too.


CDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

I understand that Neve Tzuf is very close to Nabi Saleh. As This Ongoing War puts it, "[NOTE: Halamish, known also as Neve Tzuf, is the Israeli community located immediately adjacent to the notorious Arab village of Nabi Saleh, about which we refer readers to "17-Mar-13: A little village in the hills, and the monsters it spawns"]"

I guess the denizens of Nabi Saleh believe in "picking the low-hanging fruit" (several bad puns there!).

Batya, I like your name for this "intifada" best. May I use it, with attribution?

Neshama said...


Batya Medad said...

CDG, I'm not the originator of the term; I heard it on tv.
Neshama, yes, very suspicious.

Anonymous said...

We know who the culprits are but is anything being done, really done about this evil? We know they're going after the actual arsonists who perpetrated it but what about something really being done to win this war? Nothing. Does the pm do anything but give sound bites and a smile and that sort of fixes everything. Jews of Israel, are you all asleep? We are all responsible for one another. These are really warnings from H', just as written in the Torah. The goyish world has been brought into the land and really messed up the minds of the typical Jew where he forgot who he is and turned away from his heritage and allowed every mistake to be made over and over again, in order to be loved by the world, thus bringing on the punishments. No doubt about it.

Batya Medad said...

These are difficult times, and Gd willing we will do the right things and Gd will forgive us.

Moshe Leibler said...

This is insidious, lumping together Good with Bad. I for one don't claim to fathom Divine Intention. Perhaps you are more prescient than I am, or maybe more simple-minded. I do find your comment anti-empathetic and solicitous to the victims.

Batya Medad said...

Moshe, I don't follow.

Anonymous said...

Don't think anyone follows Moshe's comment. No one is blaming victims, c'v. The good and the bad usually suffer when there is communal warnings. The Shoa destroyed the cream of wold Jewry, together with communists, bolsheviks, athiests, etc. Jews. When wrong and evil is being done on a mass scale and no one wants to heed the warnings, eventually H' unleashes His warnings. We pray that we all wake up and do better and will all be forgiven. Accepting the co-existence and the avodah zorahs in the Land of Israel goes against the Torah! That's says much.

Batya Medad said...

What Moshe is stressing and I agree is that there is free will for men to sin. Gd isn't making fires to punish us. Evil people are trying to destroy us, and Gd has made a miracle keeping us alive.