Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Hillary's Loss had Nothing to Do with Her Sex!

I keep saying that I'm not going to blog anymore about American Elections, but somehow it keeps drawing me, like quicksand.

A lot of people said that they wanted Hillary to win, because they wanted to see a female POTUS. They so wanted to see someone break that "glass ceiling."  I have no doubt that one day, there will be a woman elected President of the United States.

It's hard for anyone to get elected President. It's outrageously hard just to get the nomination.

IMHO there are a couple of things about Hillary Clinton and her campaign that caused her defeat, and it wasn't her new wardrobe. Actually, I think the colors were brilliantly patriotic and photogenic, and jacket-styling was a great improvement over her usual masculine-tailored suits. Also her wig and make-up were perfection.

Hillary lost for one big reason. Call it character.

  • The constant corruption charges, including talk that her charity, the Clinton Foundation paid for her daughter's wedding made it harder for ordinary Americans to trust her.
  • Her nastiness, going for the negative, culminating in her notorious "deplorable" comments about Trump supporters kept them away instead of charming them to her side.
So, now Donald Trump will be the United States President in a couple of months. Who would have thought....


Sharbano said...

It can always be a surprise how generations see things differently. When Hillary first ran my mother actually said she would Never vote for a woman. I was utterly shocked she actually thought a woman didn't have what is needed, especially given her involvement in political discourse and working fervently in poverty issues in the 60's.

Batya said...

Choosing a candidate because she is a woman is totally sexist. Can't you see beyond that and judge Hillary as you would a man?