Monday, November 28, 2016

Aishtafada: Israel on Receiving End of Help/Aid

When my sons were teens they both volunteered in the local fire station, which in Hebrew is called כיבוי חילוץ Kibu'i Chilutz, Fire-Put-Out and Rescue. It's call that, because until pretty recently in Israel most homes are traditionally made of bricks and cement, so homes rarely burnt down. There could be relatively small electric fires in a home, but not the sort of scenes we've seen this past week during the aishtafada, when houses literally went up in smoke, since it has been getting more and more popular to build quickly with prefabricated materials, which also insulate better.

Periodically, late summer, early winter before the rains, there would be forest or park fires, but until the Arab terrorists began this new genre of terrorism, purposely setting fires by cities and villages, they never had to deal with such a phenomenon as a neighborhood going up in smoke and flames.

The fire departments here in Israel used to spend most of its time doing "rescue" jobs, like cutting through cars, trucks and buses which had turned over in accidents to rescue drivers and passengers.

This aishtafada, when Arab terrorists simultaneously lit fires in multiple locations, stressed and stretched the Israeli and IDF fire/rescue abilities beyond their capabilities. One of the miracles we've seen is that other countries came to our aid. Granted, from what I understand Israel had to pay for some of this assistance like the American which was from a private contractor, but the coordination of all of these different anti-fire services has been stupendous and miraculous.

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At the same time, troops on the ground managed to arrest some of the aishtafada terrorists, 37 suspected arsonists arrested, including 18 Israeli Arabs. No doubt that this isn't the end of the story, and they'll try again. Terror knows no boundaries... This is further proof that the Arabs, who are being called "Palestinians," sic, are not a nation/people deserving a state; they are psycho/sociopaths who should be banned and banished.


John S said...

The past week marked the 12 month anniversary of the devastating Pinery fire in South Australia where 2 lives were lost and 91 homes were destroyed. The first segment in yesterday's Landline program describes how individual, family and community resolve along with timely Divine benevolence is restoring a shattered community.

Of many such disasters experienced in Australia it is always the faith and resolve of the human spirit that finally wins through. Praying that God will grant you this victory.

Batya said...

John, was the fire terrorist or nature/spontaneous/accidential?

Keli Ata said...

Sounds like what happened on Mt. Carmel years ago and Latma and A7 were right, I think but there was a whole lot of finger pointing. I don't think anyone knows what happened.

Batya said...

Keli, quite a number of Arabs were caught and even confessed this time.

John S said...

Batya, you raised a question regarding the origin of the Pinery fire.

Fortunately it was deemed to be accidental (A battery left out in the open) and the community was free to be entirely proactive in supporting each other in their recovery.

However in this day and age this is not always the norm. Rather than an act of God, too often the cause of a catastrophic fire is known to be a deliberate act of man. This has the very sad effect of causing a community to turn inwards upon itself. Until a culprit is identified everyone is under suspicion. In some very sad instances even volunteers in the Country Fire Service have been charged with arson.

I have a particular concern for your situation in Israel where you have all too obvious candidates for suspicion. To my mind this is a scourge that is worse than the fires.

Theologians have suggested that the age we are living in today is very much like the times of the Judges. I your case you seem to have all the enemies to support that notion.

Batya said...

Yes, we are in the "time of Judges," since popular philosophy is that there is no absolute Right. Everyone can make their own value system. We need a Chana/Hannah behind the scenes to raise a leader to unify and anoint a king to rule, like David.