Thursday, August 21, 2014

Unpleasant Truths for Jews and Israelis

Original Title, written before this blog post ran away with itself:

Arab Gazan Human Shield Policy Worse Than Japanese Kamikaze Attacks

I wonder how seriously the world takes the Gazan Hamas Arab terrorist Human Shield policy.

In a logical, rational world it would be a very clear widely heeded call to good people all over that the Gazan Hamas Arab terrorists are the worst of the world's most immoral, uncaring and violent ever.

In a logical, rational world those Arab terrorists ruling Gaza would be the world's outcasts, the pariahs and Israel would be the darling of the good, moral and purportedly peace-loving international bodies.

But unfortunately we don't live in a logical, rational world. The real world is dominated by an undercurrent of Jew-hating antisemitism. Too bad that most Jews and Israelis are too good-hearted and naive to accept this unpleasant painful truth. Too many Jews and Israelis have substituted "international public opinion" for G-d Almighty, and they constantly strive to please the world instead of pleasing and placating G-d.

Next week begins the Jewish Month of Elul, the month before Rosh Hashannah and Yom Kippur. Our sages teach us that G-d is always ready to receive our תשובה Teshuva, Repentance. If we are truly sincere and show that we won't make the same mistakes, sin, again, then G-d will forgive us, because G-d loves us as a parent loves a child. Only G-d loves us this way, and only G-d can save us from our enemies.

Unfortunately, and tragically, Jewish and Israeli leaders along with ordinary Jews devote those energies which should be directed towards G-d to attempting to placate "the world."  The world won't save us. The world would be perfectly happy and satisfied to dedicate impressive memorial and museums to a history of an "extinct," G-d forbid, Jewish People.

If you think that Obama or the UN can really save or protect us, you're barking up the wrong tree, and you may not survive.

What I write is the truth, an unpleasant truth for too many.

May we obey the True G-d and ignore the world. And may our political leaders lead us in the right direction, G-d willing.


eli said...

There's no contradiction between believing in God and acting to improve the current situation. If you are saying that there's no sense in acting, that we should only pray and wait for God to save us, then why do we have government and the parliament? That is simply a non-starter.
If we do want to act in order to improve our security, then mobilizing the world and bringing it closer to our views is imperative, because Israel is to small a nation to solve these problems alone, what with the covert and overt anti-semitism that's always the factor. Hammas in their stupid arrogance actually help us do that, and the results are already visible during this conflict.

Therefore, I submit that investing efforts in convincing the world of our right and their wrong is very important.

Gerard Boersma said...

Wow, it is the first time, during this time of trouble, that I read a message like this. Batya, you hit the nail exactly on the head!

Throughout all of history, we have seen miracles, showing Israel and the world, there is only one God and His name is YHWH. The God, who has an eternal covenant with Israel and will keep His promises!

YHWH wants to have the Glory, but untill now, Israel behaves like in Biblical times, trusting more on 'friends' like USA & Europe and so got stuck between giving in to their folish and dangerous demands to give up Biblical God given territory, for a peace, that could never be!
The government should be fearing YHWH and never have given in. It is time to repend and see, YHWH is the Keeper Israels.
Israel, you are not alone! There are many thousands of serious Bible-believers - also non-Jews all over the world. They can never let you down, because of this never to break bond with YHWH.
"Your people is my people and your God is my God"
I am at the moment in for 3 months in Israel, came a month ago, special for a time as this. I met already quite some other people, with exactly the same motivation. Last weekend I even met 4 Dutch families with (resp. 1, 2, 3 & 4) children in Yerushalayim.
I praise YHWH for His eternal perfect plan. Yeshayahu (Isaia) 54:17 (from parasha this week) is so fitting for thes days!

From Tel Aviv,
Gerard Boersma

Batya said...

eli, I didn't say pray, did I?
We must do the right things, actions to defend ourselves by fighting our enemies. At no point have I ever said to beg G-d to save us. I say that we must do Teshuva, improve ourselves, follow commandments and yes that includes fighting when necessary. Then and only then will G-d help us defeat our enemies.

Gerard, thank you

Anonymous said...

Batya: You write these Jews are 'too goodhearted and naive'. Truth: NO!They're just moronic, stupid, idiotic and most of all have forsaken their heritage, meaning G-D, Torah and their people. They definitely need to do teshuvah!

Batya said...

a, hakarat hatov, there is some naivete there and we shouldn't ignore it.