Wednesday, August 13, 2014

It is Israel That is Legitimizing Arab Terrorists by Negotiating With Them as Equals

Granted that I've said/written many times Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has an amazing intelligence and knowledge of history, but there are times when I do consider him mistaken. And now is one of them. I just got back from work (late shift) and saw this headline on Arutz (7) Sheva:
Netanyahu: UN Grants Legitimacy to Terrorists
It's like the pot calling the kettle black. IMHO Bibi is doing the same by agreeing to negotiate with the terrorists. Even worse he keeps begging them to talk and make a deal.

The Israeli Government's demands that Hamas agree to Gaza demilitarization isn't realistic at all.  It's a first cousin to the extreme Left's insistence that if only Israel would be "nicer," give the Arabs the so called "west bank" etc they would be peaceful, just like us.
No Israeli government will consider any concessions or a peace settlement unless the Gaza Strip is demilitarized, Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz said Wednesday. Jerusalem Post
Sorry, but life isn't like that, Officer Krupky.

As the clock ticks to the cessation of the latest official ceasefire, southern Israel, the Eshkol Region, has already returned to the races sprinting to reach the shelters before the rockets hit.

It's time for the Israeli Government to try a totally new way of dealing with the terror threat against us. Treat them as dangerous terrorists, not wayward, malleable children.


Leah said...

An extension of a cease fire...golly...enough, already. Enough.
They're announcing evil things left and right and making plans to act on it. They act on it and Netanyahu's gov't extends a cease fire???

Batya said...

To give them more time to reload my dear

Sammy Finkelman said...

I was wondering why the extension of the ceasefire was for five days when earlier it was supposed to be three days.

I read from one of your links that the reason it was five days and not three days is because Israel insisted on this, so that the ceasefire wouldn't end on the Shabbos. (I suppose it could have been four days, but Hamas always slightly breks the ceasefire a little bit before it expires, and it might have been still Shabbat when they fired the first rocket.)

Israel is really hanging tough in these negotiations.

Sammy Finkelman said...

Except wait - the previous ceasefire was Monday, Tuesday and Wesdnesday. Three days afetr that would have been Thursday, Friday and Shabbat.

So making it four days would have carried it over into Sunday and that would have meant that even the cesefire violations would be on Yom Rishon.

So maybe Israel is just pushing for time.

Batya said...

Time for what?