Sunday, August 17, 2014

First Second Third ad nauseum If You Don't Succeed then Try Something Else

The State of Israel has been trying to be nice to the Arabs to convince them to make peace with us since even before the State was established. It really bothered our founding fathers that although Arabs were suddenly moving here from Syria, Lebanon and further afield to take advantage of the jobs and opportunities the Zionists had brought to this neck of the woods, they still tried to kill us. That was the reason for the establishment of "Hashomer" and similar groups.
IDF predecessors
Hashomer continued to defend settlements until the British Mandate period. In 1920, a new, defense organization took over in response to a clear lack of commitment from the British to protect the Jewish population. Following several violent Arab anti-Jewish riots, the Yishuv (the body of Jewish residents in pre-state Israel) decided to take defense into its own hands by forming the first nationwide underground Jewish defense organization: the Haganah (the Defense’).
As Arab violence intensified, the Haganah evolved. When a long-running dispute over access to the Western Wall escalated, a series of Arab riots deteriorated into an all out massacre that left 133 Jews dead. Following the riots, the Haganah began transforming from a poorly trained militia into a capable underground army, acquiring foreign arms and developing workshops to manufacture hand grenades and simple military equipment.
In addition to or contrary to the establishment of various military defense groups, there was still the dream of the Labor Zionists to live in peace with the Arabs and working together. It as unrealistic then and certainly absurdly unworkable now. But still our Israeli Governments try to negotiate a peace with those Arab terrorists.
Hamas wants Israeli and Egyptian blockades of the Gaza Strip lifted, as well as the establishment of a seaport and airport, as part of any enduring halt to violence.
Israel, which launched its offensive on July 8 after a surge in cross-border Hamas rocket attacks, has shown scant interest in making sweeping concessions, and has called for the disarming of terror groups in the territory of 1.8 million people.
A "peace treaty" won't five us peace, because our so-called partners only want us destroyed!

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