Sunday, August 3, 2014

The IDF Rabbinate Uses CSI-type Techniques to Determine Death of "Missing Soldiers"

I've been a fan of the American television series "C.S.I" for quite a number of years. "C.S.I" uses what sometimes seems to be science fiction type techniques to solve crimes. They take small "clues" from a crime scene and investigate to discover whatever they need to know.

Hadar Goldin, HaYa"D
Oron Shaul, HaYa"D
Unfortunately in this war Israel is having with the Hamas Gazan terrorists a couple of soldiers disappeared, Oren Shaul and Hadar Goldin. In both cases, barely two weeks apart, first it had been reported that they were missing and then the psak, judgement came from the IDF Rabbinate that after painstaking, detailed, interviews with fellow soldiers and high-tech examinations, they determined that the boys had both been killed. Last night on Israeli television I heard Aluf Mishne Tzvi Black (thanks to my husband for catching his name) explain how the IDF Rabbinate came to the difficult decision that those two soldiers had been killed. It sounded just like C.S.I.

It must be so horrid for their families that not enough of their bodies could be recovered for a funeral, or to know like the family of Hadar Goldin, that only remnants are in the coffin. Jewish Law requires that every bit of the body must be buried, and great efforts are make to bring back even small pieces of skin from battlefields. And by using the most advanced techniques in DNA identification and fingerprinting, the "missing soldiers" had been declared dead.

יהי זכרם ברוך
May their memories be blessings


Sammy Finkelman said...

Something's not being said about this. At least one person is very suspicious.

The big question is, if you only have parts, why didn't you know right away? Another idea is that a rescue operation killed him.

Do we know when he died, if he died?

We are not getting any kind of details.

There is the thought that Perhaps they don't trust themselves to not pay a too high ransom.

Batya said...

Sammy, it's an awful situation. It's believed that they were killed by powerful blasts leaving little. Maybe too many questions shouldn't be asked...
I"m glad it's not my job to judge.

goyisherebbe said...

It is possible that he blew himself up with a grenade with his attackers to avoid being taken hostage. That would account for it.

Neshama said...

And Erdogan, the rabid dog, has the chutzpah to call us genocidal! The world has turned inside out, with evil dancing in the sunshine. We Jews/Israelis must increase our Emuna in HaShem and elevate our Nation in acts of Kedusha.

Batya said...

Goyish heric twist. If authorites had thought so they would publicize it.
Neshama true