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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Peres Finally Admits He Hasn't a Clue

Hat-tip Algemeiner

Former President Shimon Peres has made one tiny step to admit that his policies and opinions have been wrong. In a far-ranging interview on BBC (click to listen to the interview) he even blamed Hamas for the death of Gazan children by mentioning their human shields policy. But the headliner here is that Peres actually admitted that Disengagement was a serious mistake.

Here we are almost a decade later, and honestly this admission isn't strong enough. Peres speaking so softly and gently, you'd never know that there's an ideological bombshell in his answers, also admits not understanding the Gazan mentality. For me, that's the key to the problem.

A basis for the Israeli Left ideology is the incorrect presumption that the Arabs, yes even the terrorists, are really "just like us, with the same ideals and dreams for our children." They project their nature, culture, ideology on sociopathic, unrepentant blood-thirsty terrorists. You can't get more wrong than that. Picture Cinderella's mean and grotesque step-sisters trying to fit their giant feet into her dainty glass slipper.

But I'm not joking here.

It's very dangerous to misread/misinterpret your enemy and make apologies for them. Successive Israeli governments have been doing that very thing for generations, even before the establishment of the State of Israel. The official Zionist establishment has always had this dream of living in peace with the Arabs and never took seriously their statements and actions which have always shown their aims to stop and destroy us.

In less than two weeks we will begin the Jewish Month of Elul, a traditional time of Teshuva, Repentance. A few years ago I took Rabbi Reuven Grodner's Elul Teshuva course in Pardes. There are three basic stages to repentance as I remember:

  1. admission of sin
  2. regret
  3. doing the correct thing when in the same situation
Shimon Peres' admission isn't the full repentance required. I wonder if anyone on the Left is listening. 


Anonymous said...

And dp you really believe any word that comes out from him?

Batya said...

A, like that game in which truth is mixed with fiction...