Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Insane Statements on the Israeli News and a "Secret"

This has to be short. I just got back from a very long day at work. I then turned on the television and didn't know whether it was good or bad that the news was on. During the past week or so, as the ceasefire held, there were regular programs instead of the constant news updates and interviews with so-called experts, politicians etc.

Remember I work in Yafiz, Sha'ar Binyamin with lots of Arabs. Some are fellow workers and others are customers. Though far fewer Arab customers the past month and a half...

We don't hear the news at work, barely rumors, and I heard nothing all day from when I left home at 1pm until I got home after 11pm.

So I was surprised to see the television crew so animated, as if on "war footing." After listening for a few minutes or less I caught on. They were waiting to hear if the ceasefire would be extended or end with a "bang."

I have no idea who was talking, and honestly, I don't know what channel my husband had left on. When I heard someone say:
"Nobody wants war, not us nor the Gazans."

Why do they let lying crackpots on TV?

There has never been any sign that Gazans don't want war. Your ordinary Gazan may want to get out of the way of our rockets and not want to be human shields, but they have shown no sign that they don't want Hamas to attack Israel.

For the gazillionth time I beg my fellow Israelis to stop projecting. It's very dangerous. The Arabs don't have the same culture that will do anything to preserve life that we have.  I'm going to let you in a a secret... Arabs also make the dumb mistake of projecting. Do you know why they haven't been shopping much in Jewish stores of late? Their leaders tell them that we will attack and murder them. And they believe those lies. Why do they believe the lies? It's simple. They are projecting what they would do to us.


Janet Clare said...

Exactly right. They can cry real tears against victim Israel for a non-existant crime they wouldn't think twice about doing. That means to me that they know it is wrong, at least by others' standards. Yet they can "righteously" commit the crime themselves with no remorse and use it even to accuse others. Schizophrenic? I guess that's your point, Batya. We can't understand their culture using our own's standards. Torah teaches that there are 70 nations, each with its own spiritual essence. The spiritual essence of the Jewish nation is tied to HaShem in an entirely different way.

Batya said...

Janey thanks. Comment on target