Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dumb Question: Why Hasn't Obama Sent Kerry to Negotiate With ISIS?

Hamas has done much worse things to Israel and Israelis, and United States President Barack Hussein Obama keeps encouraging Israel to negotiate with them. So I really don't understand why Obama isn't using the same tactics in response to ISIS.

Instead of negotiating Obama is using violence and very strong words:
Barack Obama urged allies in the Middle East to join together in routing the "cancer" of Islamic State (Isis) a day after the jihadists released a video of the beheading of a US journalist.
As David Cameron acknowledged that the Isis fighter guilty of the "barbaric and brutal" murder of James Foley appeared to be a British citizen, Obama pledged on Wednesday a relentless response to "cowardly acts of violence".
Shortly after Obama spoke, US central command confirmed 14 new air strikes against Isis near the Mosul Dam, which the Pentagon and Iraqi forces said on Tuesday was no longer under Isis control. US officials later revealed that American special forces had attempted to rescue Foley and other hostages held by Isis in a recent raid inside Syria. The operation was unsuccessful: no hostages were found at the location targeted by the US team.
Maybe I'm just stupid. It could be, but I've been around a long time, yes, even longer than the American President, and while ISIS is a dangerous, violent group of terrorists the United States is not their primary priority right now. And we all know that the United States is a humongous country and can easily survive. This can't be said about Israel and Hamas.

Obama after making his speech. STEVEN SENNE/AP

James Foley in Aleppo,
Syria, in July 2012.
Photograph: Nicole Tung/AP
I'm a CPA's daughter, and I always check out the bottom line, because that is the big picture, the final price. Let's put things very simply:

  • Obama sent in commandos to attempt to rescue James Foley, but they failed. 
  • Obama wouldn't negotiate ransom.
  • Obama is repulsed by ISIS's beheading of Foley. 
  • In response Obama bombs them:
The Americans unleashed a new round of air strikes Wednesday against ISIS, with the 14 attacks bringing the total to 84 since Aug 8. NY Daily News
Israel's security and very existance is endangered by the Hamas Arab terrorists who have made it unabashedly clear that their aim is to destroy the State of Israel and take over. The IDF has been trying to clear/destroy terrorist tunnels which reach into Israel and also to destroy the terroist staronghold in Gaza. In response, the United States President Barack Hussein Obama:
  • pressures us to make some sort of mediated deal with the terrorists.
  • condemns us for bombing Gaza and hurting the human shield civilians.
Something stinks. Simply put:
"What's good for the goose should be good for the gander."
Either Obama should stop bombing and negotiate. Or he should just leave the State of Israel alone and let us do what we have to do to our sworn enemies!


Sammy Finkelman said...

>> And we all know that the United States is a humongous country and can easily survive

But fighting them won't get any easier if they get bigger.


Sammy Finkelman said...

Obama's policy is to destroy ISIS (that's what you do with a cancer) and he probably thinks it is easier than it is.

Israel's alternative policy would be to destroy Hamas, but that is something Obama thinks is too big and destructive a job. It may be that some Arab countries would oppose that outcome.

So, it's wishful thinking: Get a "quiet-for-quiet" ceasefire, and that's enough.

Israel (Netanyahu) wants either a non-negotiated ceasefire with no lifting of any import restrictions, or a lifting of restrictions in exchange for Hamas giving up, not only new rockets, but getting rid of all its old ones, and some system in place to prevent the building of tunnels. Essentially they'd have to give up war, war crimes, and terrorism.

And probably also all terrorost groups in the Gaza Strip would have to disarm. Hamas, Islamic Jihad, up to and including al Qaeda and ISIS (yes, they have some people who swicthed loyalties to them. ISIS operates more in the Sinai.)

The two sides are at an impasse, since Hamas is taking orders from Qatar. Not Meshaal - Qatar. Qatar also supported ISIS.

Unfortunately, Qatar also has a U.S. Air Force base and is home to the headquarters of United States Central Command (USCC) and United State Air Force Central Command. (Central = Middle East)

The truth is almost too horrible to contemplate.

Well, the British did force Iran and Iraq to switch sides during World War II. The base could help.

And the real Central command headquarters is in Tampa, Florida, anyway.

Batya said...

Sammy, this is a foreign battle-front right now for America. In Israel it is here on our very border. Our Israeli citizens are being bombed.