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ISIS, Hamas and Israel: Putting it All in Context

Caroline Glick's latest article is an excellent overview for those or pretty much everyone who is losing track of the players here in the Middle East. Actually, I touched on some of this last night when I wrote about Obama's hypocrisy bombing to destroy/punish ISIS while he insists that Israel negotiate with Hamas.
Dumb Question: Why Hasn't Obama Sent Kerry to Negotiate With ISIS?
It's part of my "dumb question" series aka "the king is in his altogether." I'm a grandmother of the generation that laundered cloth diapers, so you can't fool me with euphemisms and costumes.

According to Glick:
Hamas’s war with Israel is not a stand-alone event. It is happening in the context of the vast changes that are casting asunder old patterns of behavior and strategic understandings as actors in the region begin to reassess the threats they face.

Hamas was once funded by Saudi Arabia and enabled by Egypt. Now the regimes of these countries view it as part of a larger axis of Sunni jihad that threatens not only Israel, but them.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and its state sponsors Qatar and Turkey, are the key members of this alliance structure. Without their support Hamas would have gone down with the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt last summer. As it stands, all view Hamas’s war with Israel as a means of reinstating the Brotherhood to power in that country.

To achieve a Hamas victory, Turkey, Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood are using Western support for Hamas against Israel. If the US and the EU are able to coerce Egypt and Israel to open their borders with Gaza, then the Western powers will hand the jihadist axis a strategic victory.

The implications of such a victory would be dire.

Hamas is ideologically indistinguishable from Islamic State. Like Islamic State, Hamas has developed mass slaughter and psychological terrorization as the primary tools in its military doctrine. If the US and the EU force Israel and Egypt to open Gaza’s borders, they will enable Hamas to achieve strategic and political stability in Gaza. As a consequence, a post-war Gaza will quickly become a local version of Islamic State-controlled Mosul. continue...
Today, and not for the first time, Dry Bones got it on target:
Stop Israel
According to the Times of Israel:
The horrifying beheading by ISIS is spreading to include soldiers, children, and more and more innocent victims.
"The Jihadist group Islamic State on Tuesday claimed to have executed American journalist James Foley in revenge for US air strikes against its fighters in Iraq" -more
One thing for sure is that Israel is very alone. And the Israeli public is getting more and more frustrated trusting Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu less and less. IMRA published a poll which shows how Bibi is losing support. Earlier in the summer when it looked like Netanyahu would lead the IDF to victory against Hamas Arab Gazan terrorists he had overwhelming support, but after stopping the defensive attack and threatening popular ministers with sacking, his support ratings have plummeted.
Panels Poll: Netanyahu rating today 55% Good down from 82% on 23 July
Dr. Aaron Lerner 21 August 2014
Internet based polling of Panels Politics for Israel Television Channel 2
carried out today (after successful targeted killing of key Hamas military
leaders announced) and broadcast on the evening news.
How would you term the performance of PM Netanyahu in the last week?
Good 55% Bad 33% Don't know/refuse reply 12%
Percent good by polling date:
Today 55%
5 August 63%
23 July 82%
What do you think of Netanyahu's criticism yesterday of cabinet members?
Justified 56% Not justified 19% Don't know/refuse reply 2%
Should Netanyahu fire the ministers Naftali Bennett and Avigdor Liberman?
Bennett 2% Liberman 5% Both 17% Neither 51% No position 24%
When a large part of the State of Israel has been finding itself running to shelters day and night, he can't expect the country to fall for his empty words.

May our government leaders obey G-d's wisdom and destroy the Hamas Gazan Arab terrorists.

Shabbat Shalom u'MevorachMay you have a peaceful and blessed Shabbat

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