Friday, August 29, 2014

The Politics of Noodles aka Boycotting Turkey

Since I work in Yafiz, Sha'ar Binyamin I've found myself doing a lot of shopping in the Rami Levy discount supermarket. We're all part of the same "complex" and business. Especially when you consider that our "public toilets" are in Rami Levy, in the back near the bread, I do go in quite frequently. And I do enjoy the good prices which Rami Levy can offer, since he has an enormous business.

One of the things I began buying there was pasta. There's always a special which cost much less than at our neighborhood store. And of course they are all kosher so I just look at the price and shape. Then a few months ago, I noticed in a comment on facebook about Turkey being Israel's enemy and the hypocrites who buy cheap Turkish noodles... Hmmm... Eeks! Gevalt, could that be me?

I don't like being a hypocrate, so the next time I went noodle shopping, I turned around the packages and looked carefully on its back through the bottom of my multifocal glasses:

Yes, those cheap noodles are from Turkey! 

Finally I found these.

I guess that most of  the  pasta on Israeli supermarket shelves, along with Rami Levy's house-brand, Hamutag, is now imported.

So the past couple of times I had to stock up on pasta, instead of looking at "price only," I peered very closely at the fine print on the back of packages. We have never been in the market for a cheap Turkish vacation, so the only economic boycott we can join is the "Pasta Boycott."  So, please join us and if necessary take along a magnifying glass when shopping.


MAOZ said...

Batya, thanks very much for this head's-up!

Batya said...

MAOZ, thanks, just pass it on.