Monday, January 25, 2010

U.S. President Obama, Ridiculously Unrealistic Expectations

For the past year and a half I've been entertained by the development of that new American and international religion, Obama Worship.

The Barack and Michelle Obama celebrity cult is all the rage.  He was a nobody when he was nominated as Democratic candidate for the Presidency of the United States.  I get a kick out of how dumb-founded the media is over every failure.  They should be shocked at any real success.

The faith people have in the man boggles the imagination. During his short time in the senate he showed no leadership, just voted party-line.  And then he was dressed up as a mannequin and pumped up to be President of the United States.  Veteran Democratic leader and king-maker, Teddy Kennedy was already dying from brain cancer, so the casting agents thought a very tall photogenic, half-black newbie would be a great gimmick, and they were right, that is if it was a movie set rather than the United States of America.  Being skilled at reading a teleprompter, Obama did fine until the screenwriters couldn't keep up, and the off-screen action couldn't be controlled.

The walk-ons in Massachusetts didn't toe the line and things are imploding by the second.  Implode with turn to explode once the Haitians begin to recover.  They take direction even worse than the Massachusetts voters.

Have fun America.


Anonymous said...

i give obama far more credit than you. but i do agree that he has accomplished very little in his year in office.
not sure about your segue from obama and kennedy to haiti.

and can you get rid of that picture of olmert on the top of the blog?

Batya said...

What has Obama himself really done?

About the Olmert pic on top, the quotation stands, but I don't know how to change the pic.

Anonymous said...

the guy got into harvard, served as editor of its law review, became a senator, and then president. i cant believe that all that is despite his incompetence.
teleprompter or no, i have found the speeches i have listened to compelling.

no problem with the quote, its just the face that gets to me.

Anonymous said...

there sure are a lot of obama zombies out there

Batya said...

His transcript and papers are secret, unlike his wife's. He was affirmative action.

Batya said...

and he doesn't write his speeches. There's staff for that, the same with all the high ranking officials.

Anonymous said...

And he can't even memorize his speeches.

He's a laughing stock!

He's a disgrace.

Batya said...

And they still worship him. It makes democracy real scary.