Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"HaMahapach," The Upset, Massachusetts Style

The Kennedy era is over.  The last thing the clan did was to elect Barack Hussein Obama as United States President. 

Scott Brown, Republican challenger, not the Kennedy machine backed Martha Coakley was elected to fill Teddy Kennedy's Senate seat.

No surprise that the New York Times has the shocked loser on its front page rather than the jubilant winner.

I've always found politics fascinating.  The American political system is very different from the Israeli.  I was raised in the United States and left soon after Bobby Kennedy's assassination.  

I remember being surprised when the media etc were so forgiving/forgetting of Ted Kennedy's involvement with the late Mary Jo Kopechne. It just didn't make sense.  He must have hypnotized/mesmerized the media.  Later on it was revealed that Jack and Jackie  Kennedy's marriage wasn't quite Camelot, but the media enjoyed being part of the team building the illusion.

In Israel the media has even more power.  It controls the politicians, decides on the agendas.  When a politician agrees to be interviewed on television, it's more like a murder investigation, unless they're from the far Left.  The questions are aggressive, and the "journalists" love to argue with their guests.

It's worse than rude.  It's also foolish.  The American style is the opposite, soft-talking their guest into admitting things they shouldn't have said.

Well, back to the new Senator from Massachusetts.  Good luck.  I always enjoy when the overconfident Leftist media gets it all wrong. 


Anonymous said...

Batya, delete the above. It's unwanted spam. Trust em.

Batya said...

I always do, just hadn't gotten to the computer. Thanks

Unknown said...

Who are the two people on the right side of the Coakley photo grinning? Perhaps they realizwed what a disaster she would have been had she been elected to the Senate.

Batya said...

They most have read the books Olmert did about always putting on a "happy face."