Saturday, January 23, 2010

Strange Work Ethic, Belgium Medical Team in Haiti

Before turning off the TV Friday afternoon, we saw one of the most surprising reports on CNN.  The CNN media staff took over the Belgium first aid station, because the medical staff took leave.

Duhh!?!  Yep, that's what I thought.  All Shabbat I was wondering what had happened.  Being very, pre-Shabbat (Sabbath) busy, I hadn't been sitting watching the entire program.

As they say in Yiddish, Vive le difference, look at what Israel sent to Haiti!  Israel doesn't have too many fans in the international media, but Israel's medical aid to Haiti has gotten more than praise.  It's the best equipped, and the medical staff couldn't imagine fleeing.

Here are some warnings of  useless and even dangerous way of attempted help. Yes, examples of good intentions leading to hell.

Now that the novelty is wearing off, things will get more difficult in Haiti.  It's a weak country at best, one of the poorest.  Are international military troops the solution to Haiti's problems now?  Things are getting violent, but medical staff deserting a first aid station/field hospital, like the Belgians did, certainly won't make things any better.

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