Sunday, January 31, 2010

Haiti Update, Nebich

Now, that geological Haiti has calmed down after the earthquake, things are actually getting more complicated. Most of the foreign aid, emergency crews etc have packed up. The sick and injured still need care.

Nebich, the novelty has worn off. Celebrity, the fad and favor of Haiti has faded. Pleading poverty, the Americans are cutting back.  Not even a month has passed since an estimated 150,000 Haitians were killed and many more injured in the earthquake.  Already things are looking worse for the youngest citizens of this terribly poor country.


josh said...

When a friend goes into the hospital from an accident or surgery, they really need the immediate support but as time goes by, they need less and they also need to get used to getting less attention for their own good.

Haiti went through hell, but it can't expect everyone to stick around forever. The US will probably invest somewhat and the UN as well, but if the people don't themselves want to rehabilitate, then it will stay a third world country.

I support Israel's continued aid and volunteer to send the entire Kadima party to help for the next two years.

Batya said...

josh they need more than bandaids. Escaping their third world status and mentality will take a long time and hard work on their own part, like making the Arabs peace loving, rather than status quo.