Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sadly, Not Everyone Can Handle Fame and Fortune

The public eye is very big brother.  For many of us, it's great that we can live our lives without the world knowing our foibles, mistakes and "meltdowns." 

I feel so sorry for singing talent Susan Boyle, whose life has been hell ever since the world discovered her voice on Britain's Got Talent last May.  I don't know who's managing her career, but whoever it is should be sued.  Her family should take custody and control her public appearances.  She shouldn't travel alone.  She probably shouldn't travel much at all.  Her appearances should be in a recording studio only.  It's cruel and criminal for the poor woman to be subject to pressure she can't handle.

In Israel there's a different drama unfolding concerning Guma Aguiar, whose riches are financial, but he, too, could do without the public glare

Psychiatrists talk of a Jerusalem psychosis, messiah complex etc.  Has the Betar Jerusalem soccer/football team become a jinx for foreign-moneyed sponsors who saw it as irresistible public relations stunts to gain instant fame and fanatical fans?  Its latest sponsor, Guma Aguiar is sequestered in a psychiatric ward and his predecessor, Arkady Gaydamak is hiding out abroad.

You can feel sorry for Boyle and Aguiar but not as much for Gaydamak, even though he has donated lots of money to people and causes in need, if a fraction of the stories about the sources of his money are true.  Fame, fortune and talent aren't always heaven nor heaven-sent.

In "Pirkei Avot," Ethics of the Fathers, one of the most popular sayings is:
"Who is rich?  The one who is satisfied with what he has/his portion." 


Shy Guy said...

Note that Aguiar was pulled over by police last year in Florida and found to be in possession of marijuana.

Nothing blood and urine tests couldn't help figure out.

Religion and State in Israel said...

If any of your readers are interested, I've put a series of videos on Guma Aguiar online in order to hear him 'in his own words'.

Batya said...

Shy, from what I understand, for those of his age and background, that's pretty "normal."

RSI, thanks

I saw/heard him at last winter's Jerusalem Conference. He seemed a "follower," and with all that money it can be hard to keep one's bearings. I wish him a refuah shleimah.

josh said...

In order to contain wealth of any form (money, attention, fame, intelligence, happiness, children, responsibility, etc...) one needs to build the shell to contain it. Without that, the wealth will not be contained. So many normal folks pushed to stardom simply could not take it as opposed to 'sons of' who inherited the ability to take it in fine. Rock stars take their lives, supermodels turn to drugs, lottery winners usually lose everything and go into debt.

Many of the families from Gush Katif also fell into the trap. They received a large amount of money and instead of drilling into them the need to invest 'solidly', they were fed to conniving scoundrels who promised better return on investment than the bank. Many lost large amounts of money to crooks who promised continued wealth.

josh said...

Another analogy is trying to drink water from a waterfall. Most simply can't handle the incredible flow but some people learn to do it by learning to harness the power and not get drowned in it.

Batya said...

The Gush Katif GP's didn't quite get "large" amounts of money, but those expelled form Yamit etc did and on the whole they wasted it big time.

I like the second comment about drinking from the waterfall, Josh, just perfect.

Anonymous said...

Batya, my point about the pot bust was that one thing often leads to or is already indicative of another.

Keli Ata said...

You're right, Shy.

Here in the US we're learning that Tiger Woods' squeaky clean reputation isn't quite as squeaky clean as we all thought--affairs and to call a spade a spade--adultery--aside, there are now allegations that he's abused prescription drugs and possibly performance enhancing drugs.

Where there's smoke there's fire.

A lot of advertisers are dropping him as a spokeman for violating the morals clause in his contracts with them.

Batya: I feel bad for Susan too. She seems such a gentle soul and ill-prepared for life as a celebrity.

(I smile though at the thought of how the media turned Obama into a celebrity. He's a scandal away from a media backlash. Not the mainstream media but the entertainment media.)

Anonymous said...

I see that "Religion and State in Israel" blog is nice and anti-Jewish.

Sorry I went there.

Batya said...

Shy, thanks for the warning; I didn't check it out.
About Guma and the pot, weak guy, just rich in money. G-d willing...

Keli, yes, Obama is just an illusion and to think that's the man in charge of the United States. Gevalt!