Thursday, January 7, 2010

Israel Can Only Rely on Itself

The State of Israel has no real allies.  That's the truth, and we'll only be safe and secure when we recognize it and base all policies on the plain and simple fact that no foreign country considers our existence important, crucial, worth worrying about.

Great Britain which ruled the "Mandate," what today is Israel and Jordan, did everything to sabotage the emerging Jewish Nation/State.  And they still haven't fully recognized our rights to our Land.  Israeli officials and diplomats are being harassed by British Courts, since they are being threatened with arrest.

Israelis love to think of the United States as our closest ally, but it, too, has a very checkered, mostly black, past in terms of support.  And now with unabashedly pro-Arab Barack Hussein Obama as US President, they're out of the closet in their anti-Israel policies.  The sales contracts for advanced armaments to Arab countries is very bad for Israel's security.

We'll only be safe and secure when we stop listening to others, stop trying to please foreign rulers.  There's a big problem in that our politicians, military and media have been brainwashed.  At least in this modern world there is the internet and blogs and people like myself have the opportunity to send my opinions out.

Thank G-d


Unknown said...

Israel has the most reliable ally in all of existence - Hashem.

Anonymous said...

Adam has it right.. We have the BEST ally in the world !!! We don't need anybody else!!!!!!

Batya said...

Thanks, amen!

Lady-Light said...

You are so right. I mentioned this lack of true allies in my post here.

Batya said...

ll, I'm glad we're on the same wavelength.

Debra said...

While I agree that Israel must do everything she can to protect herself, it's quite sad to me that you've given up on the idea of working with others toward peace and security for Israel, whatever it's borders. Israel has a lot going for her- a strong army, an ethical and (mostly) democratic idealology, and a strong willed people, but Israel cannot stand alone in this world, especially in today's climate of anti-Semitism and Muslim extremists. Israel needs America's support (where would the Israeli army be today without the financial support of the US?) and should continue to work with its leaders. Israel cannot exist in a vacuum.

Anonymous said...

Israel does not stand alone but stands with G-D who is the ONLY one who knows what is best since HE created this country and it is HE who decides the borders and not a bunch of politicians..

Batya said...

Debra, "working with" has become a euphemism for dependence on others approval. That's a danger, especially when they don't care if we live or die.

cm3, it's not so simple. We must listen to G-d in order to thrive.

Keli Ata said...

Hashem has never steered the Jewish people wrong. Best to rely on him. And given what anti-Semitism is, it's only a matter a time before an "ally" turns on Israel.

It seems they always do.

Did you catch Rahm Emanuel's "threat" that Obama won't visit Israel unless Bibi agrees to the Olmert Plan?

As if you're all waiting with baited breath for King Obama to visit lol.

Just think--in the Tanach it's typically been individual Jews or small bands of Jews that have defeated great enemies. Can you imagine the power of 7 million Jews following Hashem and the strength of the IDF in defeating enemies?

Israel unrestrained can take care of anything!

Anonymous said...

Actually Debra, it's much better to depend on G-d than a bunch of politicians who don't have nearly as much wisdom in the matter..
The Jews survived in the desert for 40 years without support from the US ..
We just finished chanuka where the few (the jews) defeated the many (the greeks) etc..
The politicians can't split the red sea or make one day of oil last for 8.. G-D created this world and therefore it's best to stick with HIM because nothing else matters. Kinda sick that people think that the UN Security Council is more binding than the Torah which was written by G-d.. I guess ppl forget how they got on this world..

Anonymous said...

There goes the last "ally"!

Batya said...

To remind all of you, Israel's great victory in 1967 was without any human help. The US stood by, as did the rest of the world and we were victorious with the help of G-d and G-d only. We got into big trouble in 1973 Yom Kippur War when the US was "assisting." things have gone downhill ever since.