Sunday, January 24, 2010

Haiti, Earthquake Update

There's much less about Haiti in the news today.  Well, it's almost two weeks.  The searches for survivors are mostly over, so there won't be any more dramatic "He's alive!" tv clips.  I may be dumb and regular readers will agree that I'm far "out of the box" thinking in ways nobody else could imagine.

Now, about those survivors, and more importantly about those Haitians who may still be trapped...  After the big 7.0 earthquake there were one or two more, aftershocks.  One was at least 6 on the scale.  Now, couldn't there have been people trapped during the aftershocks?  So are they being searched for?  Could the week plus survivors be from the later earthquakes?  Just wondering...

There are more and more reports about the negative feelings of the Haitians towards the American soldiers.  Compared to the Haitians, they look like American football players with all the protective gear.  When I visit New York, I find those military guards in Penn Station and other public places rather humorous and incongruous.  They stand around, avoiding eye contact and trying to look frightening. 

I feel like I'm watching a horror movie, knowing that everything will go wrong.  The Haitian people are a poor people, needing help to succeed in the 21st century after failing in the previous one.  Now they're being trained to be refugees, accept handouts and live in tents.  They should be rebuilding immediately; the kids should be in schools; agriculture should be developed.  They must be given independence and responsibility for themselves. 


Unbeliever said...

WHAT are you talking about? The American soldier is the best trained, best equipped fighting man the world has ever seen. We should apologize for that? Maybe we should send in the IDF with their oakley sunglasses and their unloaded American rifles?

It sounds like you had never heard of Haiti before the earthquake. Did you know that the UN has a permanent peacekeeping force there due to the level of violence, that the gangs in Haiti are as well armed as Hezbollah?

Tell you what, substitute "Palestinian" for every occurrence of "Haitian" in your posting.

Batya said...

Aren't you lucky then that nobody wants to invent a Haitian terror nation in your neighborhood. At least they're on an island.

Well, soldiers won't make them peaceful, and those do-gooders who want to adopt anyone over the age of six months is in for trouble.

It's a troubled country for sure. Rehabilitating them won't be easy, but the soldiers can't do it.