Thursday, January 21, 2010

NBC's Praise of Israeli Field Hospital in Haiti

The program says it all.

Actually, it's frightening to realize that only one country in the world knows how to organize aid for a disaster.


Yaakov Kirschen said...

thanks for posting this clip.

sometimes a little of our light DOES get through from Zion. So much of the time the world is kept in the dark about who and what we are.

again, thanks.

dry bones

Batya said...

Yes, bones, it sometimes takes an earthquake!

Tom ta tum Tom said...

You bless us with this post, Shiloh. It is amazing to me that NBC has the spine to speak at all favorably of the Israelis. May the Father have mercy on all of us for our failure to see the hope that Israel offers to the world. Precious Mr. Kirschen helped me to find my way here and for that I am grateful. I hope it's okay if I visit again. THANKS!

Batya said...

Tom, please do!