Monday, January 18, 2010

Blight on the Landscape

These pictures aren't posted to show the beauty of the Land of Israel.  They're up on the blog to show you how man, Israel's politicians, have damaged our land, sovereignty and security by constructing this farce of a "security wall."

I took these pictures traveling from Shiloh to Jerusalem.  The wall doesn't give security.  It's actually riddled with holes in convenient places, so the Arabs can get where they want by foot and donkey.  Israel's security authorities know this.  It has even been broadcast on Israeli television.

Besides that, there isn't a budget to repair the normal "wear and tear."  Obviously some contractors got very rich building this structure.

G-d willing, some day, we will all celebrate the ripping down of this wall, just like the celebrations of the destruction of the Berlin Wall.


Keli Ata said...

That brilliant clear blue sky and you just going from Shiloh to Jerusalem. Ah, from my perspective and upbringing that's like saying I just made a trip to heaven for lunch and came home.

Do you ever marvel at that? That you can easily travel to Jerusalem, which in the eyes of many people is heaven on earth:)

I know I keep saying that...but I think I'll always be amazed that Jerusalem is right here on earth; heaven on earth.

I pray you'll be able to celebrate the wall coming down one day.

Shavua tov.

Anonymous said...

i dont know. all i see is the beauty.

Batya said...

Thanks, keli, may you merit to see it in person.
a, I guess you're just blind to the details.

Anonymous said...

i guess i love this place unreservedly. sue me ;)

YMedad said...

Those are scenes looking west from the road connecting the Adam Junction to the Hizma crossing-point and shows the northern Jerusalem neighborhoods of Neveh Yaakov and Pisgat Zeev. Actually, between the road and those neighborhoods are three different security barriers including a high concrete wall, a fence with electronic alert systems and a second fence near a patrol road all of which highlights the seriousness of the threat of infiltration.

Batya said...

a, I love it,too, but like when I look at the face of one of my sons and see the scars, it hurts me. I see this wall and it hurt, too.

wink, but remember Benny Liss's report on the news about the holes and lack of budget to repair them?

Unknown said...

Only the last picture is really close enough for someone not familiar with the area to see the "wall". It is like some wall paper that I put up in my house (lhavdil elef havdalos). I put in one small piec at the bottom of the wall upside down. I always noticed that the light hit it differently (it is metallic with "grooves"). No-one else would notice it unless I pointed it out. All we see is the beauty of Eretz Yiroel and the city on the hill.

Someday, we will have (at least) the compromise that the British offered in 1923, when they created the "Palistinian Arab" state of Trans-Jordan and left less than half of the Mandate for the Jews.

Batya said...

Sabba, sorry, I'm just a passenger as we go by.
It's more symbolic than sturdy.