Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yechiel, You Can't Be Just A Little Bit Pregnant

Oy, I'm not surprised that Yechiel Leiter, in the best of Begin's Likud tradition, thinks that he can save the nation, save Eretz Yisrael by not quite keeping it all.

Yechiel has a plan "...his diplomatic plan that calls for immediate steps that will lead to the annexation of some 50% of Judea and Samaria." Just like the Leftists, he's talking to himself, the proverbial wall. What makes "sense" to them was never an option as far as the Arabs are concerned.

Yechiel, you have a university degree in law. Didn't anyone teach you that negotiations aren't a "solitary activity?" And that's as if your "plan" made any sense. It doesn't. Arab terror strongholds in the middle of our Land do not bode for peace. That's for sure.

Besides the fact that as you, as a father of many must know, even if your wife has stomach muscles of steel, and doesn't show, pregnant is pregnant. You can only pretend there's nothing for so long, and then you have another child to be responsible for.

You may be too young to remember this, but I remember Menachem Begin bombastically proclaiming that his handing over of the Sinai to Egypt was to ensure that Israel could keep Judea and Samaria. I also remember the new communities built in Gush Katif as compensation, like the new Yeshivat Atzomona and Neve Dekalim for Moshav Dikla. Avi Farchan was transferred from the Northern Sinai to Gush Katif, and almost three and a half years ago, he was transferred again!

Menachem Begin's "peace plan" failed to protect us. Yechiel, do you think you're greater than Menachem Begin? If I vote in Likud Primaries, I'll vote for Moshe Feiglin, not for you.

Considering that even if Feiglin and his supporters within the Likud do well in the primaries, I don't see that he'll have any power within the Likud. Too bad that he didn't join up with Dr. Arieh Eldad and Baruch Merzel and the NRP-NU crowd. Now, that would be a party to vote for. They're not into playing G-d with our HolyLand.


Anonymous said...

Patience, please. Did you think that Manhigut having power in the Likud would come within a day?

Batya said...

Shy guy, many days, weeks, months and years have passed since Feiglin started his quest. I have an excellent sense of time.

I was involved in Likud, before it was Likud and long before Feiglin was old enough to vote.

That's right. Don't talk down to me.

goyisherebbe said...

A majority of voters want a major party to run the country which will be decisively right, not center or slightly right of center. Any combination of NU (nu) and NRP with Eldad and Marzel would not have the political leverage to get its leader in as Prime Minister. Only a big tent can win. But the big tent must have a clear political position. Batya, I know you were around long before Feiglin. But when Feiglin tried Mivtza Machpil (Operation Double) it was greeted by yawns by the Yesha Council and all the machers. I saw the picture on the cover of B'Sheva several weeks ago. They were all quite grey. Feiglin is all sorts of things, chiefly a nerd. But he is a young nerd, an articulate nerd, a nerd not afraid of anyone. He is not trying to ingratiate himself with the left and the media the way Bibi is. Batya, we need your vote in the primaries. We will show the left how irrelevant they can be. We will show Netanyahu what real Jewish leadership is about. It will take time, but the tipping point is getting closer all the time.

mike wise said...

100% annexation is
1. justified by international law (league of nations, mandate for palestine)
2. demography

3. logic and security

Batya said...

Goyish' Of course Feiglin has my vote in the primaries. Moetzet YESHA hasn't been promoting the growth of yesha for years, and your example is proof of that. If Bibi was really smart, he'd work with him and make the Likud Right, instead of wrong.

Mike, thanks!!