Sunday, November 30, 2008

Praying at Tel Shiloh

Last Friday, Rosh Chodesh Kislev, we prayed at Tel Shiloh for many things. Among them the safe rescue and refuah shleimah (complete recovery) for the Jewish hostages in Mumbai.

Sometimes G-d says "no," and sometimes evil people harden their hearts.

We also prayed for rain. As you can see from this solitary crocus flower, we have not been blessed with rain here in the HolyLand. Our rain is in direct proportion to the blessings we deserve, and as a People, we deserve drought. So we pray to G-d for forgiveness.

We wandered around the site of Ancient Shiloh, each of us finding the spot we felt most attached to the shechina, G-d's presence. Then we ended by praying together.

Yes, this is the same Shiloh where Channah prayed for a son who would bring the Jewish People to the rule of a king. Her son, Samuel, The Prophet, annointed Saul and David, our first kings.

Next Rosh Chodesh, Tevet, will be during Chanukah, Sunday, December 28. G-d willing we'll meet at 9:30 and pray together. If you can get here earlier for Shacharit, the morning prayer, that would be good, if not please doven that prayer on your own, and then together we will doven Hallel and Musaf. And yes, there will be time for T'hillim, Psalms, and personal prayers.
There's an 8:30am bus from Jerusalem. If you'll be taking it, please let me know, so I can arrange for you to be taken to Tel Shiloh from our bus stop. If G-d blesses us with rain, there are buildings we can use. There is also the Tabernacle Gallery & Coffee Shop. Tel Shiloh is open for visitors every day but Shabbat. For more information, please contact 02-994-4019 or email


Leora said...

I like that bottom photo. The powerful clouds, the intense woman in prayer.

Batya said...

Thanks, it was a special time.