Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Those Phone Calls

It's good news, bad news.
The good news is that Israel's election season is much shorter than the American one, which can be best described as never ending. The bad news is that ours has begun. Even if I didn't keep up with the news, I'd know now, because...
I got one of those phone calls:

"Please answer this survey. It's only one question:

In the Likud primaries, would you vote for Land of Israel loyalist Michael Kleiner, who is running with Benny Begin?
Press one for yes,
two for no and
three for undecided."

All I could think of was who's this Michael Kleiner? Where has he been the past few years? If he's such a Land of Israel Loyalist, why hasn't he been busy working, campaigning, demonstrating etc? MK's Arieh Eldad and Effie Eitam were injured at Amona. Where were Kliener and Begin? They haven't visited endangered villages like Shiloh.

Now that it's election time, suddenly they're interested!

Why did Begin Return to Likud?
Former MK
Michael Kleiner who left the Likud party a few years ago together with MK Benny Begin, speaks with ...

Sorry Charley, or should I say Mickey? Suddenly, you woke up? Why haven't you been crying out in pain for the sake of Eretz Yisrael all along, or at least since Arik Sharon announced his dangerous Disengagement Plan? Benny Begin may be considered the most honest and uncorruptable in Israeli public life, but his, your timing makes you both look like opportunists.

As I tried to explain to the Hatikvah leadership, those delusioned idealists trying to promote MK Dr. Arieh Eldad as the "last hatless hope" for Israel's right wing, there are tried and true, tested and reliable techniques and tactics for promoting ideas. One thing is that you must constantly work, not just during official campaigns. Politics is a very complex profession. You must work at it all the time, have stamina, endurance. You must promote an encouraging message, a vision to galvanize the people.

Any guesses which number I pressed and why?

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