Monday, November 24, 2008

Knock, Knock! Ehud Barak!

Yoo hoo! Anything there?

The latest from Ehud Barak is:

I have no doubts that the statement is correct, if not worse. But why hasn't Barak resigned and apologized for being responsible for that dangerous situation?

Hizbullah has been able to keep on preparing for war against us, stockpiling weapons etc, because when Barak ran for Prime Minister of Israel against Bibi Netanyahu, he pledged to withdraw from Southern Lebanon. He won and then had the IDF run out leaving an enormous quantity of valuable equipment, which the Arabs were happy to receive and use against us.

Why isn't Bibi using this and the fact that under Barak's reign, terrorism reigned in Israel?


Anonymous said...

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Batya said...

ok I followed the rules

Anonymous said...

Netanyahu should continue to ignore Barak and not even mention him. The Labour party under Barak is a humiliated and pathetic shell. I am not happy about this (it is a sin to be happy about the downfall of a political rival) cuz Israel truly does need a real left-wing nationalistic party, and unfortunately, one has not existed in a long time.