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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Israeli Municipal Elections--Pictures Plus!

The only pictures I have are from Jerusalem, because there weren't any other elections in my "stamping grounds."

While taking many of the pictures, I thought of calling this post, "Dirty Politics," because of the litter of political "flyers" flying all over and landing as a mess throughout the city.

Even though Arkady Gaydamak is one of Israel's wealthiest, his money didn't buy much loyalty in Jerusalem.

It also looks like most Jerusalemites don't want a staunchly chareidi mayor, and Porush lost. You have to remember that Porush is more than just chareidi; outgoing Mayor Lupianski is also chariedi. Meir Porush is the latest in the Agudat Yisrael Porush Dynasty. He represents what many Israelis fear from chareidim. Simply put, not all chareidim are the same. Maybe another time I'll blog about the chareidi issue.

Kiryat Arba had an interesting election between two other dynasties of sorts, the Levingers vs the Katzovers. The results were:

Malachi Levinger beats incumbent Zvi Katzover

Malachi Levinger is the son of Rabbi Moshe and Miriam Levinger, who were crucial in the return of Jews to Hebron and the establishment of Kiryat Arba. I remember Malachi when he was a young man and living in Shvut Rachel. It was obvious that he had even greater political potential/talents than his father, and I wonder what his plans are. He's still a young man, not yet forty.

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