Monday, November 17, 2008

Picturing The Nuclear Danger From Iran

thanks, "ig"

This visual lesson is good for lots of "unpleasant" situations, the kinds of situations we prefer not thinking about. Unfortunately, Israelis are the Olympic Champs of avoiding reality.

For decades the media, courts and politicians have been attempting to sweet talk and bribe the Arab terrorists into becoming our friends and live in peace with us. Each gesture is met with derision and demands for more, but that doesn't stop the looney Left.

The brainwashing goes on, and sensible people are called "haters of peace," or "Land worshippers," or even nastier things. Sometimes those speaking common sense are jailed and exiled from their homes.

Entire Jewish communites and Jewish districts have been destroyed, to placate Arab demands. The results have been more attacks and even a war. I guess their heads are so far deep in the sand, their ears are stuffed and their eyes blinded.

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