Thursday, November 20, 2008

Life's A Game of Chance

I'm trying not to get too worked up about the upcoming Israeli Elections. We never know what we're getting, pretty much. When both Menachem Begin and Ariel Sharon were elected, it looked like we'd get strong Right wing, pro-Jews in the Land of Israel governments, but we got the worst, most nightmarish, destructive governments to date.

Yitzchak gave us Oslo, but he also developed an excellent road system, bypassing Arab cities.

All over the world, modern highways are kept out of the cities, so I have no problem with the fact that we are no longer forced to travel through Ramalla. I just wish that we weren't banned from Ramalla. Many, many roads in Judea and Samaria are Judenrein, forbidden to Jews. That makes traveling very difficult and lengthy. Arabs are allowed on all the roads, except within small Jewish communities.

The Israeli Government has already created a situation separating Israel from Judea and Samaria with "checkpoints." We never know how long it will take to get through. Choosing the right lane is like choosing a line at the supermarket. There are times during the day, when there isn't a wait, and sometimes, even with all lanes open and manned, (some guards are even female,) the lines stretch a kilometer or more.

Why has Israel cooperated with its enemies?
And there never was a Pseudistinian state, nation or history.

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