Saturday, November 22, 2008

Enough of New York for Carpetbagger Clinton

New York's Senator, Hillary Carpetbagger Clinton has had enough of New York. I guess even Chapaqua has lost its luster. She's moving back to Washington, but not to the White House. She's taking on the world as Secretary of State.

Her instant New York identity has always bothered me. The Clintons were very blunt and honest about the move. That honesty is the only thing in their favor. She/they had decided that in order to position herself to successfully run for the presidency, she should be a senator and of the possible seats, they figured that she had that best bet in New York. The tactics worked, and she was elected.

I was born in New York, but left it as a newly wed almost forty years ago, but New York's in my blood. True, New York is full of immigrants, whether from foreign countries or other parts of America. Some do come with ulterior motives, and Hillary wasn't the first to use it as a stepping stone to the presidency. She should be grateful that she didn't end up like Bobby Kennedy.

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