Thursday, November 27, 2008

Keep Praying

The Chabad baby in Mumbai was freed, but his parents haven't been. No recent report on their condition.

Gavriel Noach ben Freida Bluma
Rivkah bas Yehudis


Marcel said...

if you think they are still alive ,you are naive and deceived.
You do not understand Islam
Your faithless Jewsih leaders are the modern day false prophets who feed you lies.
The reality is there is no peace possible with Islam.


Don't worry, Shimon,Labor,Likud and Kadima are moving forward with more gifts for the followers of allah.
More sacrifice of innocent blood will surely appease the moslem's and they will be content to live in peace with the infidels.
Surrender more of your land and all will be well.You can look forward to more of the peace of Islam.

Batya said...

Marcel, I seriously debated with myself whether to post your comment or not. I don't like the tone.
The news isn't clear, but there's a good chance that they've been rescued.

Marcel said...

I think Caroline has had the same struggle at her blog with my responses.
They are not what you hear from the Bibi's and the Livni's for sure.

'The news isn't clear, but there's a good chance that they've been rescued.'

A spirit of false hope plagues Israel and this is why the Road Map is still moving forward.
If Israel returned to Hashem ,the dark cloud of lies and delusion would clear and make way for the reality of your and my enemy.
How is it that Israel is never angered or troubled with the sweet tone of the smooth talking destroyer who has greatly damaged Israel by his false peace ?
How is it that Israel shows so much love and respect for evil men like Bush and have trouble with the toned hard truth.
I submit this as proof that Israel loves her liars above God and the truth.

The tone is the harsh reality which Israel refuses to face.
Israel's perverse leadership always talk in soft,reassuring tones towards the sheep headed for the slaughter pens.
I won't.
What I wrote yesterday is proven to be true today.
You and so many held out for a false hope as the majority do with the Road Map final solution.

Worthless Ellen spends her time everywhere else but fighting this counterfeit peace.

It is a waste to appease Islam or attempt to live in peace with evil.
Israel's sin is following the world and not her God.
This is Israel's grave error.
Ariel's teeth are dull,some missing and some rotted.
As the ISLAMIC enemy bares their iron teeth filled with Jewish blood and flesh,your(Israel) response is more of the same
death camp passivity and appeasment.
If Israel did face the truth about ISLAM, Hizbollah,Hamas and Fatah AND THE ROAD MAP would be a distant memory.
Instead Israel has embraced her lovers in Babylons(the U.S. lie of peace Road Map)
Rather than face the truth Israel wraps herself up in a warm refuge of lies.(Isaiah 28:14-22)
The truth about your enemies does not make you feel good because you hold out and believe peace with Islam is possible ?
ISRAEL does not heed any WARNING tone whether polite or harsh.
So when great death and destruction fall upon the idol worshipers of ISRAEL who wrapped themselves up in the 'refuge of Lies'(Isaiah 28:17) ,will the survivors again blame God ?

Batya said...

marcel, I'm sorry, but your comments will just be deleted if you continue to angrily preach at us.
Please change your tone, and be brief. I'm not accepting all the verbal abuse. I'm not guilty of anything. So don't target me like you have been, or I won't even try reading your comments to see if they should be posted. When you write things like you've been, people don't read them.