Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Salt on the Wounds

The Disengagement DP's are being wrung through the ringer some more. The government has raised the prices of building plots in the new neighborhoods.

According to an earlier agreement, those Gaza residents who did not own their own home and wished to join their Gush Katif communities in the Lachish region would be required to pay NIS 148,000 for half a dunam of land (approximately 1/8 of an acre). They will now be forced to pay NIS 225,000 for the same land.

Former residents of Gush Katif said the new price was unrealistically high. When representatives of the communities planning a move to Lachish first toured the area, they said, they were told each plot of land would cost approximately $10,000, at that time NIS 40,000.

Isn't it bad (such a mild word) enough that they're still paying back their mortgages on the homes the government destroyed? And don't forget that many are still unemployed.

Too bad that they didn't forgo the government's refugee camp--caravilla neighborhoods. Even subtracting the "fine" for moving to communities Judea and Samaria, they could have built nice homes for less money. And they wouldn't have been so dependent on the government.


Kae Gregory said...

I've said this before and I'm repeating it; That Jews would treat other Jews this way will make it easier for non-Jews to mistreat Jews. The fact that it is being done in the "Jewish" homeland, makes it more likely that it will be done elsewhere. People generally are very good at rationalizing. This makes rationalizing mistreatment of Jews everywhere easier.

Batya said...

yes, kae, I agree. Thanks for commenting.