Friday, November 14, 2008

Pandora's Pseudistinian Box

All these years, beginning with Menachem Begin's "autonomy" for the Arabs in YESHA--Judea, Samaria and Gaza, the Israeli Government and media and more recently all the talk of a Pseudistinian state in the Jewish Heartland, kept up the big lie that we're not in danger. The Arabs need us, and we can control things.

It's sort of like the parent who doesn't really want to give something to a child and keeps saying "later," "soon" hoping that eventually the kid will give up or forget about it, become distracted by something else.

They opened up a Pandora's Pseudistinian Box of expectations, especially by promising sundry anti-Israel busybodies whose priority has been unabashedly pro-Arab and ignoring, pooh poohing, Israeli security needs, that there will be a new Arab State.

Now, all of a sudden, Olmert and Tsippi, with Israeli Elections getting close, oppose a UN resolution declaring such a state. As sung so wisely by Sancho Panza in The Man of La Mancha, "Whether the stone hits the pitcher or the pitcher hits the stone it's going to be bad for the pitcher."

The UN hasn't done anything effective in Israel's favor since November 29, 1947. Even its "peacekeeping forces" have been more farcial than protective. I'll never forget how they fled in May, 1967, when Egypt's Nasser threatened Israel with annihilation.

We must fight this properly by totally changing Israeli policy. An Arab state, G-d forbid, in the heartland of the Land of Israel will only lead to danger, not only for the State of Israel, but for the entire world.

Let's do whatever we have to in order to stop the process and strengthen the State of Israel! The solution is within us. We don't need a Wizard of Oz. We have the oz, the strength, if only we'd activate it!

Eretz Yisrael l'Am Yisrael
The Land of Israel for The People of Israel
Zot Shelanu!
It's Ours!


Risa Tzohar said...

Love that word!!!

Batya said...

Me, too, though I must admit that I didn't coin it. I'm not sure who did, but I use it.

Shabbat Shalom

Keli Ata said...

It is a great word :)

Shabbat Shalom

Batya said...

Please use it more and more to counter the lies.