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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jerusalem! Elections

Jerusalem has been under construction and will be for quite a while more. Olmert's grand project, the lightrail is heavy on inconvenience and danger. Downtown is all dug up. Generally, everyone has been complaining that construction is moving much too slowly. The only things going up are campaign posters. But today I was there and filmed the heavy machinery in action.

I guess things are moving, since sitting Jerusalem Council members want to be reelected, or something like that.

PS Yes, the lightrail and the String Bridge and the contracts for it all are the "gifts" of Ehud Olmert, from his terms as Mayor of Jerusalem.


Ehav Ever said...

At first coming from Maale Adummim to my job in Lod wasn't affected that much. Now it is a NIGHTMARE. I agree with you that there seems like some MAJOR security issues with it. The weirdest thing is I think they are building a station on the connection of Kevish 1 in Jerusalem, and they built a kikar in an area that has LOTS of traffic. The traffic was bad before when there was a ramzor, now it is INSANE. I am going to have to start leaving a lot earlier to get to work.

Batya said...

ee, do you go by bus or car? Is there another route to use?